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HELP! Need a CM for my son & daughter Cardiff-cant find one!!

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mykidzrmyworld · 22/08/2007 13:28

Right - given up childminding and got new job great! Now major trouble. Rang everyone on the childminding list from CIS and not one of them does my sons school. Major stressing as I wont be able to take the job.
Im looking for 8-9am for son and drop off and 8-1.30 mon-fri for my daughter 17nths.
How does a nanny work? Are they loads more expensive? ANY IDEAS=im desperate as I really want this job!
All help/advise ideas really needed xx

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hockeypuck · 22/08/2007 13:37

bumping for you. Where in Cardiff are you looking for?

I'm in Cardiff north with a similar predicament so moving on to the nurseries list now. I only need one afternoon a week though.


mykidzrmyworld · 22/08/2007 13:47

Im in Fairwater. My daughter is not the problem just cant find anyone to do the school run in mornings and school doesnt do breakfast club.
Hope u get somthing sorted for your afternoon tho hun x

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matilde · 22/08/2007 15:29

Have you thought of advertising on Gumtree?


mykidzrmyworld · 22/08/2007 16:15

will do that thanks for reminding me

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mogs0 · 22/08/2007 20:17

...and Nannyjob.

There was a teacher on here (soz, can't remember the name!) looking for a nanny from September. Hmmm, was it Ziopin?


mykidzrmyworld · 23/08/2007 11:27

can i claim childcare element of tax credits for a nanny does anyone know?
I have had lots of replys from nannies but none seem to be registered?
Hope u can help x

OP posts:

hellsbells76 · 23/08/2007 12:33

you can only claim the childcare element for a nanny if she's part of the childcare approval scheme or has joined the ofsted voluntary childcare register (which will soon replace the approval scheme): details here

have you looked at nurseries? they can sometimes pick up and drop off from local schools. hope you get something sorted!


mykidzrmyworld · 23/08/2007 15:57

thanks for that! Yeah have tried nurseries but no luck. Thanks for you help!

OP posts:

twinsetandpearls · 23/08/2007 16:04

It was me looking for a childminder have spent hours on the phone with no luck.

I can't justify a nanny as it is only for an hour before school as she she is quite happy at after school club. We have also looked into an aupair as I need some help around the house but we don't really have the room.

The thing that worries me about gumtree is they could be anyone and you are trusting them with your child.


twinsetandpearls · 23/08/2007 16:09

sorry you were talking about someone looking for a nanny, there I go again making it all about me me me.

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