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how do you encourage mindees to do arts and crafts

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bmz · 16/08/2007 08:19

i look after a 11 year old and 7 year old. they never ever want to do anything creative. I love being creative - even the toys i have board games, do theme days with them, and lots more but it so difficult to get them interested into anything besides their playstation. We don't have one of those anyway but they don't know how to do anything else. can anyone advise me please. regards beth.

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hennipenni · 16/08/2007 08:23

I ha this problem with an 11 yr old before he left me, I think he thought he was too old for all that! Have you asked them what they'd like to do if you gave them free rein over it? Can't really think what else other than tell them that the playstation is out of bounds until they've willingly done some art or craft.

MaureenMLove · 16/08/2007 08:24

Gosh thats a difficult one. I've never had one that doesn't like gluing & sticking! All of mine have been doing it since they could hold a paint brush! What have you got to offer in the way of craft stuff? Sometimes I just get the whole lot out and cover the table with it all and just say make me something. They sit for hours.

Shoshable · 16/08/2007 08:29

I think that is the problem with children now that only play electronic games, they are band in my house, and I've had older ones who say, dont want to do that , to everything I suggest, so Now I just put everything out on the table and say to them they can either make something, play a game or read, thats their chose, they might sulk for a while but soon start. My 11 year old last summer made a HUGE castle using every megablok, and we have ALOT of megabloks.

bmz · 16/08/2007 09:20

thank you for your replies. I have all the usual i got some canvas and asked them if them want to paint NO i've got lots and lots of different craft kits NO they didnt want to do that - i've got some lovely craft kits such as aeroplane making, designing your own t-shirt and hat NO to all of it. All i get from the older one is NAY DON'T WANT TO DO THAT - when i've asked WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO - don't know. I feel that I put so much effort into thinking about what they can do and its all a waste.

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Shoshable · 16/08/2007 09:21

bmz dont ask tel, just say this what we are doing today, believe me they will sulk then enjoy it.

dmo · 16/08/2007 09:24

my 11 yr old loves history so we make roman things etc

MaureenMLove · 16/08/2007 09:25

Cover the table with stuff and just do it. If you sit with them whilst they do it, you can have a good old natter with them about what they like to do too. Get some craft books from the library to kick their creative minds into action? My lot almost salivate at an Art Attack book!

bambi06 · 16/08/2007 09:26

what about designing their own board game [3d] they have to design it from scratch and then make it ..or make their own newspaper/magazine..but they have to research articles to go in it..using internet if necessary/library..checking the news etc....what baout making papier mache, using chicken wire ticreate the frame and then cover it and paint..
creating a picture but using magazine pictures/effects as the basis for making a street scene..using peoples heads, cut out then using different pictures[material design] for bodies.. i ll have another think later..

ayla99 · 16/08/2007 09:37

The reluctant ones usually have a go when they see the finished products the others are proudly showing off. DD (12)is really helpful here - she's very dramatic and so enthusiastic it draws the others in. But we don't push it - if they're really not interested they don't have to take part. Same with board games, some children won't touch them until someone else has got it out & looks like they're having fun with it.

How about taking them to the library and going through the craft/science/cooking books and ask them to pick out activities they want to do?

bmz · 16/08/2007 12:43

many thanks for all your ideas much appreciated. The older loves sports so we often go to the part, i've a big trampoline in the garden, balls, bats etc., but most of the time it is soooooo negative. i think i'm just finding it really waring at the moment. I find younger kids much better. at home all they do is play with the playstation. mum always moans about it but said " I just can't get them away from it".

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