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CM CLUB:Hmm, what to do?

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PinkChick · 08/05/2007 08:17

i have a 17 month old mindee come one day a week, i have his hours for the next 2 weeks and for the alst two but his mum didnt know what her shifts were for this week.
last week he didnt come on requested day as he was poorly and thought i would not see him until this week, then fri morn, mum rang to see if he could come that day..ok, felt awful that he was bad, aleady working anyway so said yes(dp thinks i was to soft and they will not chop and change as they wish?)..anyway, asked on friday about this week, text friday night about it when someone else collected mindee and text at weekend.still no i have today off, am working wed, and thurs and off annoyed at the lack of notice thing as its already tuesday and she could want him in tomorrow, think its just disregard for me as i have day of friday and want to help mum with her house move, but still dont know whats happening..should i make my own plans and say i cant help if she choses friday last minute????

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bozza · 08/05/2007 08:20

Yes you should make your own plans. She is messing you around and will continue to do so if you allow it. So I think you will have to be firm this time.


PinkChick · 08/05/2007 09:34

thanks, i feel they are messing me around, but i am always too accomodating.
on thursday i actually already arranged with one parent that i take her dd with me to appointment, as she is almost 4 and will be fine for 10 mins while im talking, but a baby wouldnt be and i couldnt get bus there with him either as cant get double buggy on these cant be thurs either..its so frustrating for me trying to help mam while organising it round my work, but when i dont know when that will be!..i always ask for 2 weeks advance of hours

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Earthymama · 08/05/2007 09:42

Send out a leter to ALL your parents and bring up any niggles that are getting to you; include this and explain that you require two weeks notice of any changes to hours.
Or send a secific letter to this parent and explain that you do have a life too. You should explain that you are contracted to care for child one day per week, that you are prepared to be flexible re days but ONLY with 2 weeks notice. If they don't do this you will still send a bill for a days care per week. It'll improve for a while, then they'll revert to pattern. [voice of experience emoticon!!]


PinkChick · 08/05/2007 09:57

thanks EM, i also had full time mindee(mum on shifts this week so got 2 16 hour shifts over two days instead of 8 hours 5 days) email me sunday night(FGS, why not ring and ask!?)if i could have her dd today for 6 hours TODAY as well..everything is done last minute and i understand things come up, but it both of them ow and i dont know if im on my *rse or my elbow, keep checking my mess of a i think i will have to sort out a newsletter kind of thing detaling /reiterating these policies.

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ayla99 · 08/05/2007 10:16

With shift workers, I charge full fees for booked time and half fees for the remaining reserved time. But i've worded the contract so that if they have not notified me of which days they don't need me by the agreed time (eg friday 6 pm the week before childcare is required) then they will be charged full fees for the whole week.

Also, if they later request an additional day that wasn't on the booking form I may not be available, the retainer fee is still applied, except where I have another child booked in for the time they told me I wasn't needed (so its in their interest to give me shift details at the earliest opportunity in case I can provide cover for someone else in the hours they don't need me).


mogs0 · 08/05/2007 18:18

My parents do set days but often require an extra day here and there and I always do it! I try really hard to say no but it never happens!!

If I have space then I'll take them although it is a bit irritating when they only let you know last minute!


PinkChick · 08/05/2007 19:11

well still havent heard from them?, it could only be tomorrow i could work and seeing as she hasnt got back to me re the hours/day, im not going to ring her when i make my own plans, am a bit fed up now

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PinkChick · 09/05/2007 08:11

right, its wednesday!..i only have two days left in the week, of which both were meant to be one/no mindees.
do i text again????

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KaySamuels · 09/05/2007 08:30

Can you not pin them down on the sunday by calling both sets of parents and saying "I need to make plans for my week, can you tell me what days x will be coming so I can jot them down." Or when they pick up on last day of week pin them down with calendar/diary!! This would drive me crackers - I plan my meals and activities based on who is here, (usually two weeks in advance) this is one area that I guess parents I mind for come good on! I have shift workers too - been minding for one family for 2 years and still can't figure out her shift pattern but just get her to write them down for me!
I am they are being so inconsiderate! It's annoying but some parents genuinely do not consider that you have a life outside of childminding for their children! for you!


PinkChick · 09/05/2007 08:32

i know i need to do something for future dates, but what should i do this week?, should i text AGAIN or leave it to them?, they do pay if he doesnt come..just wondering if shes not coming back or something has happend???? indication either awy tho, he/theyre very ahppy being here????

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KaySamuels · 09/05/2007 08:38

I know it's hard but I would leave it. What mindees will you have thur and fri? If you have a day with no mindees use this day to help your mum. If they ask you to work a last minute tell them that as you have tried to get in touch with no response you assumed they had the week off and have arranged to help your mum. If they need you this time and you are unavailable it may stop them keeping you hanging on in the future.
As for worrying about them don't. That sounds harsh but I know from experience they will be fine and won't have given you a second thought! The amount of times I have worried aout mindees parents - ggrrr - have lost count! But they are alays fine!


PinkChick · 09/05/2007 09:30

well i have one mindee 6-10pm tomorrow and have one for few hours friday, did a lot at mums yesterday and if i didnt have little mindee friday, i would have gone to mums.
i cant believe they have just 'not rang' to arrange day?, worst case scenario(and i have no indication this is happening cos like i said they seem very happy, BUT they dont get much help with costs, so??)they dont come back, but they are tied to a six week notice period(we both would be), so which ever way, i would still get paid(if this is the case) for next 6 weeks??, juts dont know, i dont think i should ring, its not my job to do that im here provifing the care and if they dont let me know they lose out, very strange, very sad

OP posts:

PinkChick · 09/05/2007 14:35

Mum just text me!!!!!!!!!!!
she didnt contact me yesterday as she knew i was having an early finish at5pm(she got her hours for week last friday!?
so she said could i have mindee tomorrow or have had to go with friday.
i am deff gunna speak to all(well not one parent as she has set day every week)parents and reiterate i need at least 2 weeks notice..they both get hours in advance but seem to think we are here for there beck and call.still, at least he's not leaving

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