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What can childminders charge for?

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sickofmylife · 14/04/2007 18:36

I have used a local childminder for the last 5 years or so and she charges me for everything! i.e....she charges me for her holidays (3 full weeks a year and the odd day), my holidays, bank holidays, sick days from both sides etc..
Am I being ripped off here or is this normal practice?

OP posts:

mykidzrmyworld · 14/04/2007 18:45

Everyone charges different so it is down to each individual case.
Personally I charge for my hols / their hols and their sickness BUT not for my sickness!
I think she mayb being a bit unfair charging for her sickness when u have to find alternative care~! IMO
If your not happy tho-either talk to her or go else where


motherinferior · 14/04/2007 18:47

Mine charges half price when she is on holiday, full price the rest of the time (including bank holidays) whether or not I use her services; she's very rarely ill, so I can't remember on that one.

I have to say I fully support childminders charging for holidays.


looneytune · 14/04/2007 18:48

Well, all childminders are different and some do charge all these things but I haven't come across many. My charges are:

Full Fee if mindee doesn't come if ill, on holiday etc.

No fee when I'm ill or ds ill enough for me to need to be off

No fee for my 4 weeks holiday

Bank Holidays - full fee as available to work but if needed, it's double pay

Half Fee if I or my ds have something like a cold and parent chooses not to send mindee

I think it depends on how good your childminder is or how much you like them. It does seem a lot of charges but if you are really happy with them then I think you need to just go with it as it's her business charges.


likemylife · 15/04/2007 23:27

thanks for your replies, much appreciated...think i may look at alternative cm's in the area and see what they are charging

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