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help needed for new 5mth old mindee!

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mykidzrmyworld · 16/02/2007 19:27

I have a 5mth old starting mon for 3days each week 8-4.30.I had him settling in this week 3days at 1.5hrs and each visit he wasnt happy and quite unsettled but this is to be expected.
The baby is very large for his age (6-9mth clothes) and has a 9oz bottle every 2hrs plus jars breakfast dinner and tea.Plus sick constant through out day.
Also its half term next week for me so have 8yr old/5yr old/3yr old/10mth old & 5mth old. Basically whats best to do next week? Stay in to settle baby with odd walk to park?Thinking days out will be nightmare with baby feeding so much,What kind of activities can I do to amuse 5mth old??
Sorry not very specific in this post think im just on a panic for next week

OP posts:

TrinityRhino · 16/02/2007 19:35

how come you have 2 under one??

and did you say he is sick constantly through the day? maybe he is having too much of something.. milk or solid?


looneytune · 16/02/2007 19:41

That seems like SO much for a 5 month old, especially when they suggest to wean at 6 months now. Do you know if they were advised to give so much milk so often on top of food? Just seems such a lot for a young child and of course they are sick when they have too much for their little tummy.

As for having 2 under 1, I presume she has a variation to her numbers TR.


issyissyissy · 16/02/2007 19:44

Sounds like he is having a lot of milk, probably why he is so sick. Shouldn't the milk feeds be further apart by now? My dd is also 5 months in 6-9 month clothes. She has 4 8oz bottles from 7am to 7pm, and although still sick, only a bit!
I would probably stay in for the week only going out for short walks to burn off others' energy!


nannynick · 16/02/2007 19:57

Agree with others that perhaps parents of baby are over-feeding. Not a lot you can do about that though, but over time you may be able to persuade them that he doesn't need so much as taking more and more solids.

Sleep routine would be more of interest to me than feeding though, with regard to going out. As can take food with you, but sleep times need really to be in a cot. Would say that for your own sanity you should aim to get outdoors for a while between morning nap and lunchtime. Then again perhaps in the late afternoon, once baby has had lunchtime nap. Walking (buddy for little ones) in local park/woods may suit all the children.


mykidzrmyworld · 16/02/2007 20:12

Im in wales so the rule for CSIW is no more than 2 can be under 18mths.

Yes I think the baby is being fed too much because my dd 10mth has much less than that but as a CM its not our place to say really. well especially before he's even started.The only thing I did mention to mum was had she tried changing his food-maybe next stage for hungrier babies but she just looked NO. She is only about 18 and first time mum but my dd health visitor came the other day when mum and baby were here and the HV seemed to know her well so it could be something the HV has discussed with her
The baby sleeps at least twice a day. She said tho he is only happy when eating or sleeping in so many words
Walks will be the best bet for next week then! tho the 8yr old and 5yr NEVER EVER walk and when I took them for a walk last time they moaned all the way saying their legs hurt!Think next week will be fun

OP posts:

saltire · 16/02/2007 20:20

I'm not being rude, mykidz, but if she is as young as you say, then perhaps your experience can guide her! When i started 3 1/2 years ago with mindee 1's older brother he was a first baby, and they had some ideas which i thought odd, or perhaps weren't working, but gently tried to guide them the right way. I know it's not our place to tell parents what to do, but at the same time the child is obviously in discomfort. perhaps she doesn't have any family members to advise her.
I also think it's a lot of milk for a child of that age, especially with som much solids as well


mykidzrmyworld · 16/02/2007 20:29

no i agree saltire-I will speak with mum and give her my opinion but feel I should spend some time with the baby first.
I do also think the babies clothes and nappy are too small for him but feel awful in saying so at this early stage.She might take it the wrong way so will work on it gently!Dont want to offend!

OP posts:

TrinityRhino · 16/02/2007 20:35

sorry I didn't mean to appear rude about asking why you have 2 under a year
I shouldn't even mention it as I'm not a childminder and have no idea on the different possibilities I just always thought that no childminder could ever have more than one baby (under one)


mykidzrmyworld · 16/02/2007 20:51

No thats fine TR - it always confuses things as we all have different rules

OP posts:

quietmouse · 16/02/2007 21:01

sounds like you are going to have your work cut out next week. You poor thing! How many of them are your own dc?


mykidzrmyworld · 16/02/2007 21:43

the 3yr old and 10mth old! Ive not been long CMin either so jumping in the deep end lol! Im sure I'll be fine if not i'll be on here crying out for help

OP posts:

Tan1959 · 17/02/2007 16:28

TR: I think that there are a few of us on here who have a variation for two under 1's


BradfordMum · 17/02/2007 17:34

You may fine that with more kddies around, they will amuse him!
All babies love attention, and as long as someone is around him, he can watch them play.

Going our for a walk is a great way to pass the time. It's amazing how you can make up games and look out for things to collect!

My 3 yr old Mindie loves sitting on a bench and seeing home many people wave to her when she's waved at them! Usually white van men are a good bet! And bus drivers! Get the older ones to make a tick chart and see who is the nicest driver!

Good luck!

By the way, I have 2 under ones, and they are hard work, but in the long run they'll end up the best of buddies.

Sally xx


mykidzrmyworld · 17/02/2007 17:50

thanks for your advice and kind message BM

OP posts:

StrawberrySnowflakes · 17/02/2007 20:08

wow, you are going to be busy..i echo what has been said re over feeding, as you say mum is young and if using a cm, prob doesnt have much other guidance from friends/family(otherwise theyd be helping with baby?), see if you can get some bigger clothes on freecycle or something, say a friend gace you them as spares and say he seems more comfy in them, then suggest a bigger size?..also go onto pampers/boots/huggies website and reg yourself, they will send you fre samples of nappies etc.
the LO may actually be better out in fresh air with other children, just make sure you have wetwipes and clothes handy for sickness!..good luck..and i know what you mean about moaning when they have to walk, dd got used to double buggy in rain and when its fine, shes "oh mummy, my legs are soooooooo tired"!LOL

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