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Childminders - do you rinse out clothes that potty training mindees have accidents in?

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beansprout · 16/02/2007 12:48

I was handed a bag full (and I mean, full) of wee soaked clothes yesterday, from accidents that ds had at lunchtime. When I arrived at 5.30pm, ds was in the front room in front of the television, while CM was in the kitchen cooking her dinner. Her husband let me as we arrived at the same time, so I hadn't need to ring the bell . All I am saying, is that she clearly had a bit of spare time there. I don't expect them to be washed but rinsed, just to get the worst out, would be helpful. This is not our usual CM. Usual one always rinses everything so am not sure if I have been spoilt!

Anyway - just wondered what is standard practice?

OP posts:

PeckaRolloverAgain · 16/02/2007 12:49

I wash them if there is time to get it done before home time. But yes, DEFINITELY rinse them I would say if she had a moment.


StrawberrySnowflakes · 16/02/2007 12:59

i think its pretty presumptious to assume she had enough spare time to rinse out your LO's clothes just cause she had just got her families tea on the go and her dp opend door.
I personally have only ever had toilet trained children in my care but when there has been accidents, i had changed them into thier spare clothes and bagged the wet stuff up.
I wouldnt spend time rinsing out my own/my families clothes whist mindee there so i wouldnt say it was up to me to wash theirs out, plus a bundle of wet dirty clothes will be much more unpleasant than a bag of a bit mucky clothes.
She probably spent a lot of time seeing to you LO if he had had an accident meaning leaving everything/everyone else whilst she did it, so there was bound to be something else she had to see too once your ds was clean and dry.
i have washed mindees dirty clothes before if i am putting a wash in already though, but thats all(and TBH i dont think it is up to us to do that?, but then im soft!)
shes prob doing a lot more than normal potty training your ds, so i wouldnt expect her to wash his clothes out for you too.


saltire · 16/02/2007 13:13

Well i wash them because mindee 1's mum never, ever send him a change of clothes, and puts him in pull-ups which falldown/get pulled off by him and invariably leave a right mess.
However, in the past i have rinsed things out but never washed them properly.


shosha · 16/02/2007 13:20

Message withdrawn


Katymac · 16/02/2007 13:24

No & I wouldn't as a matter of principle

I do my washing & you do yours

I'd rather care for the children then be rinsing out clothes (and later this year when I have 4 potty training at once I certainly won't be) I think potty training is hard enough - with rinsing out carpets, settees & mopping up puddles.

BTW I wouldn't be washing clothes while I was minding


blondehelen · 16/02/2007 13:30

Can see Beansprout's point though about a bit of spare time , I don't get to cook my dinner while I am at work! My issue would have been more the childminder cooking dinner while child watches tv


Katymac · 16/02/2007 13:33

When I cook tea - I am still working I feed children at teatime - if I wasn't cooking they would go hungrey


2gorgeousboys · 16/02/2007 13:34

Maybe I am spoilt - my fantastic chidminder has always washed any clothes that my DS2 has had accidents in. They ususally come back a couple of days later washed and ironed . (Note to self sjom CM appreciation more)


beansprout · 16/02/2007 13:36

Thanks for your replies. Just to clarify, it was her tea, as we send in all of ds's food, she doesn't cook anything for him, just heats it up in the m/wave.

As I say, I don't expect them to be washed, but was a genuine enquiry on my part. Was just wondering, don't want to be shot down!

OP posts:

blondehelen · 16/02/2007 13:38

but i read it as she wasn't cooking for the child but for herself


blondehelen · 16/02/2007 13:39

x posted !


StrawberrySnowflakes · 16/02/2007 13:41

you havent been shot down, you asked, we answered.
if it was 5.30 and thats what time she finishes/you collect, then i cant see anything wrong in her putting the oven on to start their meal as she would prob be letting you know about your ds's day for 5-10 mins after normal pick up time and as she/we dont get a break, if shes anything like me, it'll be her first meal and shell be hungry!
im sneakily eating my first meal now..a crisp sandwhich ..away from the children so they dont ask why i can eat things like this and they cant..they had theirs earlier and they are now drawing pictures so first chance ive had all day to do something for myself to eat


beansprout · 16/02/2007 13:51

Actually, it's not like that. She had ds and a 9 yo yesterday and it was a full dinner, just about ready with ds being looked after by the 9yo, wasn't her grabbing a second to turn the oven on!

OP posts:

Katymac · 16/02/2007 13:52

Is she covering for a friend? Or did you choose her?


saltire · 16/02/2007 13:55

I'm not being rude beansprout, but i wonder if the issue here is not about the dirty/wet clothes, but about the fact that she was in the kitchen!


beansprout · 16/02/2007 13:58

I'm asking about the clothes. The kitchen thing is just an aside (my view on that one is quite clear! ). I was just wondering about the rinsing thing and wondered what was standard, that was my real question.

OP posts:

mykidzrmyworld · 16/02/2007 14:03



crace · 16/02/2007 14:03

I always wash the babies clothes, and most probably would do if she was potty training. When she is napping I usually take the time to clear up and throw in a wash load, and include her things as well if I've made her messy

The parents really appreciate it.

When my own ds was in nursery they always returned it wet in a bag


mykidzrmyworld · 16/02/2007 14:07

Some of us childminders do so many hrs a day and some days i dont finish until 6.30 - if me my husband and kids had to wait for mindee's to go home then we wouldnt eat until 7pm or later.
I prepare my family meal during the day and put it on to reheat before mindee;s due to go home.
CHILDMINDERS DONT have breaks remember


crace · 16/02/2007 14:16

PS - I start dinner too, my mindee doesn't leave until 6 sometimes 7. We wouldn't be eating until 8 or 9 otherwise! Plus she gets here at 7am so would have no other chance to make it!


crace · 16/02/2007 14:16

I do it mostly during nap times


saltire · 16/02/2007 14:17

Ok beansprout, i just wondered


beansprout · 16/02/2007 14:22

OP posts:

hennipenni · 16/02/2007 14:22

I don't rinse out clothes either as I just don't have the time, however I will start to cook dinner while mindees are here (usually have mindees eating with us anyway)If I left it till after mindees have gone home then we wouldn't eat till after 9o'clock some nights and still have to pull in homework, reading, baths, paperwork,invoicing etc


doormat · 16/02/2007 14:24

i work in a nursery and refuse to rinse them out tbh

whether i have gloves and protective clothing on

on the other side of the coin I see the same children having accidents
either weeing or pooing
as they are not potty trained properly

why they cant use pull ups is beyond me

or ask for soiled underwear to be binned

sorry bout the rant but had to get it off my chest

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