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mykidzrmyworld · 27/01/2007 22:08

can u claim receipt for your own children.
say going to toddlers group and paying for mindees and children do u just put amount for mindee or can u put amount for mindee and yr children??
new to all this so advice needed pls?

OP posts:
mykidzrmyworld · 28/01/2007 21:59

lol - already got a green hse which has to go this summer as cant register bk garden until gone-lucky enough we have a side garden!

OP posts:
shosha · 28/01/2007 22:05

Message withdrawn

crace · 28/01/2007 22:12

Mykidz - we just had to put up a fence in front of our greenhouse, my inspector was happy with it. All it was is a 3' panel fence. Took my husband a morning to put up and it made her happy.

Katymac · 28/01/2007 22:17

You could claim for the conservatory - but it will cause probelms if you sell your house - due to capitol gains tax (check with an accountant before you make a decision)

mykidzrmyworld · 28/01/2007 22:19

ok thanks for advice both about greenhse and conservatory.
Would u just ring an accountant up or will they only answer that question if u use them?

OP posts:
Katymac · 28/01/2007 22:21

Umm - I think the answer to that is if you want an answer you can trust , then you prob need to pay for it

Why not ask on MN - there is bound to be an accountant here........

We decided not to as it was very complicated

ladyoflincoln · 28/01/2007 22:23

my next-door neighbour (who is a cm) got a grant of £1000 through a scheme called 'workplace refurbishment' towards her conservatory that she was using for minding!

however, when i enquired about help with the cost of installing a downstairs loo (same scheme) i was turned down (even though i sometimes provide care for the 5 yr old brother of a mindee and he has sight problems and struggles with stairs ).

claiming an amount for pc use is a good point, since becoming a cm my computer does at least twice as much work!!

shosha · 28/01/2007 22:30

Message withdrawn

mykidzrmyworld · 28/01/2007 22:31

thanks for that
Just mentioned to dh who understands wat you mean and says it'll be too much hassle but I can still have my conservatory

OP posts:
dmo · 29/01/2007 09:17

think you could claim a % for the conservery
depending on how much you use it for the mindees i'd say to claim 70% capitol

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