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What do you think of a childminder providing organic food?

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lunavix · 25/01/2007 21:21

And would you pay more for this?

I've been CM for a couple of years now, and dh and I are slowly moving our diet over to organic. I was thinking of emphasising this when taking on new children but i don't know if anyone would be entirely bothered. Would you pay a little bit extra for this?

A friend asked why I'd bother as it's 'above and over the call of duty' (!) apparently - is there anything else you think would be a bonus? Apart from general adoration of your kids of course!

OP posts:

NannyL · 25/01/2007 22:33

if i was using a childminder (no kids of my own yet, and doubt i would) but IF i was i would ^definitley pay more for an orgainc diet

especially organic meat and dairy / animal derived products.

even more so for chicken and pork.

I think it must be a bonus point!


controlfreaky2 · 25/01/2007 22:35

really good idea. would also stress all round wholesomeness and homecookedness.... you can buy lots of processed organic rubbish! i'd pay more for good food


Littlefish · 25/01/2007 22:39

Yes, I would pay more. We eat a predominantly organic diet and I've been really touched that our childminder now buys organic fruit and veg for dd, knowing that it is what we usually feed her. We've never asked her to do this, but really appreciate it.

She is more expensive than the other child minders in the area, so maybe she's built it into her costs anyway.


cat64 · 25/01/2007 23:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

hatwoman · 25/01/2007 23:33

it might be a bit difficult to implement - if you're going to advertise yourself as organic and charge a bit extra - then you'd have to make sure you really were - all the time. which raises the question as to what you'd do on weeks when the shop has run out of organic milk and you don;t have time to go to another etc. on the other hand if you commit yourself to being "mostly" organic - how will parents know they;re getting a "fair" proportion of organic food. don;t get me wrong - i think it's definitely a good idea in principle but the details need thinking through. iyswim


PeachesMcLean · 25/01/2007 23:51

Interesting idea, but I guess it does depend on whether your local market demands it. Do the customers want it?
Personally, I'd be happier if our CM (and school for that matter) simply provided healthy food, ie, lots of fresh fruit and veg. Our CM and School are lovely in every other respect, and I know kids are fussy, but there's just not enough fresh stuff going on.
And I'd prefer Local over Organic...


ThePrisoner · 26/01/2007 00:08

We're already an organic-munching family and, although I don't provide full meals for my mindees, I include snacks for them. These are usually organic, simply because it's what I automatically buy. I don't actually promote this to parents, so perhaps I should start!!

I'm also a strict vegetarian, so any food they get from me is veggie too (although I don't think anyone has realised this either - actually, I don't think they'd necessarily think that this was a selling point anyway!).

Some parents I've minded for need their childcare to be good but as cheap as possible, others aren't as concerned about what they eat as I am (ie. organic, or even healthy in fact ), others eat healthily but not necessarily organic, and none of them have been vegetarian. If they had to pay for it, I'm not convinced that any of my parents I've minded for would necessarily pay any extra for healthy organic food, although I think it would definitely be a positive selling feature (and am now going to amend my policies!)

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