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Is anyone else wishing they werent a CM right now?

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S88AHG · 21/12/2006 10:19

First day of holidays they are hyper and jumping all over the place and cant get them to settle into anything!!!!!! Oh well money for Xmas sales will come in handy I guess and its only today and tomorrow!!! But tomorrow I will do 9 hours CM then go and do 6 hours till midnight at my other job!!!! Ah well mustnt grumble

OP posts:

santasaltire · 21/12/2006 10:45

I have one child for half an hour today, then don't have him until the 9th Jan. Have no others today at all, so DH and I are going out for lunch. I have an ulterior motive though, i need new boots, my others have given up.
Then the other mindee i have tomorrow from 7am till 6pm! I'm hoping his dad will pick him up early though!


shosha · 21/12/2006 11:02

Message withdrawn


StrawberrySnowflakes · 21/12/2006 11:20

well one mindee finished 2 hours early last night am hoping for a repeat tonight!..second mindees mum said shes finishing early(about2pm)today would we be busy if she was to come for her dd then?..nope, will have em rounded up!
and both mindees mums have told me they are not bringing them all!!!!!!!!..bugger a chritmas present off them , ive just got a day off before christmas on full pay


dmo · 21/12/2006 13:44

well i'm doing 7.30am till 9.30pm
children dont finish school till tomo at 2pm so only have babies in the day
parents that are not as organised as me are going late night shopping tonight.

everything was fine till i started to throw up about 2 hrs ago
still feeling dod but i will be fine

bring on tomo 6pm then its 2 wks break for me

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