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DD prefers her nanny to me!

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Coulterm · 05/10/2006 22:08

I work 2 days a week and had a new nanny start about 3 weeks ago. This evening when I came home my dd wouldn't come to me, cried when I tried to take her away from the nanny and when we both went up to do her bath and get her ready for bed (I'm showing the nanny the routine so she can babysit on Saturday) dd insisted that the nanny read her bedtime story, wouldn't come to me etc. Now of course I am very happy that my daughter likes the nanny - but I feel a bit rejected. Am I doing something wrong?

She is 17 months old and I went back to work 2 months ago so we have always been very close.

has anyone else experienced this?

OP posts:
Katymac · 05/10/2006 22:15

I think it is quite normal

In her own way DD is "punishing" you for leaving her - by showing affection for someone else

It's quite good that she is so confident in her relationship with you that she can do this - it shows she is independant and well loved

tottle · 05/10/2006 22:24

don't worry it's the novelty of somebody else being there at bathtime

AllieBooooooooongo · 05/10/2006 22:25

my dd is 19 months and prefers my sister. She is a magnet to children.

Coulterm · 06/10/2006 13:35

Thanks all for your words of wisdom. I'm focusing on the positives - that she's happy wiht the nanny when I am at work...

OP posts:
edam · 06/10/2006 13:39

quite right CT, just focus on her being happy with her nanny. You are still the most important person in her life. And Katymac's right, she obviously feels secure that you'll love her anyway even if she's horrid! My sister and I used to call our beloved childminder 'mummy' sometimes. My mother says she saw it as a job title, i.e. Lynda was just doing mummy things for us. Didn't mean and doesn't mean we love our mother any less.

My 3yo says his nanny is his best friend, btw.

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