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Need Morton Michel paperwork pls!!

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chicaguapa · 01/09/2006 22:14

Am going through the registration process to be a CM at the moment. Am going to be doing after-school for two friend's children starting week after next - for free till my registration comes through .

Anyway, intend to get Morton Michel EasyMind package but obviously not until actually registered. But wanted to fill out the contact info & child info sheets as need all that whilst actually caring for children - not just from when I'm registered.

I wondered if anyone would be kind enough to send me either an e-copy or paper copy of the relevant sheets please. If you send one of your actual sheets, I can send you a replacement when I get my organiser - I promise!

I would just like to start off properly as I mean to go on. Thanks.

OP posts:

babydales · 02/09/2006 09:39

I could send you a photocopy of one if that would tied you over.
Let me know on [email protected]

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