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baby sitter's fee

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fredly · 13/07/2006 13:05

I've asked my daughter's nursery nurse to baby sit for us next week but I haven't got a clue how much to pay her. As she's a professional, what rate would be reasonable ?

OP posts:

dmo · 13/07/2006 16:29

when i was a nursery nurse i used to babysit some of the children i looked after at nursery,
i used to love going to peoples homes which had a couple of mags on the coffee table for when kids were asleep (as nothing on tv) few treats in fridge for mine and childrens supper.
didnt drive when i babysat so used to get £6 plus taxi home
this was 11yrs ago


usandbump · 13/07/2006 17:02

Hello, I would say £5-6 per hour or a fixed £20. Will she be driving herself home? If not you may have to think about adjusting this to allow for a taxi home.


shinypeople · 29/07/2006 14:24

i charge £8 per hour (min booking of 3 hours) and £10 per hour after midnight.

I live in herts and have 13 years of childcare experience.

It does depend on where you live as well as her experience but she would probably expect £6 - £8 per hour.

If you pay her well and treat her with respect, she will be more than willing to help out again in the future

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