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health declaration

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laura240 · 03/02/2006 12:10

I am in the process of registering to become a childminder and have had all checks come through except my health check. I am quite worried about not getting registered as I have suffered with depression in the past.
Has anyone else been in the same position and what was the outcome?
Thanks in advance for any help.

OP posts:

HellyBelly · 03/02/2006 12:28

I had bad PND before I was registered and it was not a problem as it's all sorted now. You don't actually get the health declaration back after Ofsted have had it.

I basically went to the Dr's and left the stuff with them. They called me when it was ready and I paid the huge fee. I collected it (had a look) and posted it to Ofsted. That was it.


Good luck


frankieb · 03/02/2006 12:41

I had really bad PND too. I paid docs £25 to do mine, they also had to do one for DH, not sure if you do that in England but do here in Wales.
I did have a restriction put on me regarding how many I care for so can have only 2 under 8's rather than 2 under 8's and 3 between 5-8 but they are reviewing it soon - only been registered since Sept.
Other than that just be as honest as you can.
Take care


HellyBelly · 03/02/2006 12:45

Mine cost £60, 1p more than the brand new twin pram I bought . Don't worry though, not many charge that much!

I didn't have to get a medical report done for dh, I was registered at the end of May last year and we're in England.


LoveMyGirls · 03/02/2006 13:41

i had PND and awaiting the outcome im hoping i will get my certificate in about a week, when ofsted came she said i should be ok but obviously i would have to wait and see.


Jensmum · 03/02/2006 17:55

I suffered from PND as well and was really worried about if it would affect my registration but it didn't and Ofsted told me it is very rare for someone to get turned down on medical grounds.

I'm really shocked that you have all had to pay for it to be filled in, when mine was ready they rang me to get it, I checked I was OK with it and then they posted it for me.


Good luck with the rest of the registration


jellyjelly · 03/02/2006 19:18

I had pnd and it didnt factor in the application and i paid £25.00.


ThePrisoner · 03/02/2006 21:09

I am completely mad and I am still registered.


HellyBelly · 03/02/2006 22:00

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