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Babysitter in Byfleet/Weybridge (Surrey) area

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SallyH99 · 06/12/2005 13:31

Does anyone know of any babysitters in the Byfleet/Weybridge area. We have recently moved here and have tried local gym/nursery but so far no luck. Thanks.

OP posts:

mandieb · 06/12/2005 21:05

Try putting an add up at brooklands college (by Webridge station ) I am pretty sure thet do child care courses up there so hopefully the people would have some knowledge of children ao you could try local nurserys (the one by Tescos roundabout and ask in there if any of the girls do babysitting apparently they are really nice in there .


jothorpe · 08/12/2005 07:25

We use this one who I can highly recommend, though not cheap.

NannyJob has a list of babysitters and I did find a few at a site called Babysit Club. Hunt on google for the website addresses.

If you have older children, rather than baby/toddler then perhaps a local teenager may be able to babysit - are there local newsagents that accept postcard ads?


SallyH99 · 09/12/2005 11:16

Thanks for your help. I did try a couple of local nurserys but without success. Will try your other suggestions. Fingers crossed!

OP posts:

mandieb · 11/12/2005 00:36

Best of luck .

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