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Childminders Club: Has anyone else resigned and then re registered???

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HappyMumofWhooo · 07/10/2005 16:31

Basically, I resigned my registration about a year ago, as I wanted to 'nanny' instead, my inspection was approaching, I had not completed my recommendations etc etc.......... but now 1 year later, after nannying with dd in tow (and ds after school) I have decided to go back to childminding.

Dd will be at playgroup soon and then nursery and I would like her to be able to come home to her own home and relax after having been out.

My question is, has anyone else resigned and then re registered?? I am just waiting for my application forms to come through. Last time the process took 3 months, does anyone know if it would take the same amount of time again, given that I have already been registered?

My EYD seem to think I will not have to do the ICP again (I am also NNEB) just the first aid, but do I need whole health declation/police check done again? (I have enhanced police disclosure from 2 yrs ago)

Anyone know, or do I have to ring OFSTED?

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 07/10/2005 19:24

Haven't got a clue, sorry, so would ring OFSTED. (Or ring several times to see how many different answers you get).


katymac · 07/10/2005 19:51

Agree with thePrisoner - ring several times - to get a chance of a consistant answer


HappyMumofWhooo · 07/10/2005 19:57

thanks, I just knew you were going to tell me to ring Ofsted.........

I'm just hoping my EYD have got it right and I don't have to do the whole ICP course again! Is a requirement of Ofsted to have done it immeidately prior to registering, or of the local authority, does anyone know?

I don't mind doing the First Aid, as that's a couple of full days only but the ICP in this area is one day a week for 12 weeks

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 07/10/2005 21:03

I wouldn't have thought you'd have to do ICP again - it is a recognised qualification so shouldn't have a "cut-off" date. I've also done the DCP and ECP and I defy anyone to tell me I can't brag about it forever!

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