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Easy to fit car seat for VW Touran?

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SPD · 06/06/2010 13:58

Hello. Can anyone recommend a suitable car seat for my tall 21 month old toddler? We don't have a car but regularly hire cars through Streetcar. We usually hire a VW Touran.

My partner and I are both bad at things like fitting car seats. Using a hire car, there is a lot of fitting and removing of the seat to be done. So it is essential that it is easy to fit correctly - and comes with good instructions!

The whole subject seems very complicated. I would have liked a rear-facing seat (because they seem safer). But I have been advised by a company that sells these that they are quite difficult and time-consuming to fit; and that, if fitted incorrectly, they are less safe than forward-facing seats. There also seem to be various complications to do with the type of car. Some are not compatible with the Touran, for example.

Any suggestions based on the following features would be appreciated!

  1. Safety;

2. How easy to fit; and
3. Compatibility with the VW Touran.

OP posts:
raindroprhyme · 06/06/2010 18:42

the one bertie botts has can't remember whats its called. will come back in a min.

raindroprhyme · 06/06/2010 18:46

kiddy comfort pro.

SPD · 07/06/2010 12:59


OP posts:
bran · 07/06/2010 13:03

Do the Tourans have Isofix in them (most recently made cars do)? If so then I think it would be worthwhile getting an Isofix seat as they are quick to slot in and out, plus you can be completely confident that they are secure.

SPD · 27/06/2010 22:50

Hi bran. I don't think there is Isofix. We bought a Kiddy Comfort Pro in the end and used it for the first time this weekend. It was amazingly easy to fit (even for us!) and we are very happy with it. Thanks for the advice!

OP posts:
emmaand3 · 09/07/2010 21:04

I have a Touran, I am using the Graco Nautilus 1 2 3 which will see my lil one from9 months to 12 yrs which means Idont need to buy another one.

NataliyaD · 11/07/2010 23:09

Hi, I agree with emmaand3 about the Graco Nautilus 1-2-3 car-seat. I've been using it for a few weeks with my 2.5-year old daughter and she simply loves it! What I was looking for was:

  • safety (and this one has a 5 point harness and the lock-off mechanism)
  • being comfortable for her, and Graco Nautilus is great! The storage compartments are great invention for long-distance travelling as she kept there some toys and crayons, keeping her distracted and entertained. Also the integrated cup-holder makes her feel independent as she can drink her water whenever she wants.
  • Cost-effective option and the good thing is that Graco Nautilus grows with your child, as it?s suitable for children from 9 months to 12 years! So emmaand3 is right - having Graco Nautilus is cost-saver for me as I don't need to buy another one.

Overall I think this is a great safe, well-designed and cost-effective carseat which I already recommended to lots of friends. I know Halfords are now selling it in the UK for less than £130.
NataliyaD · 11/07/2010 23:11

Forgot to mention that it's very easy to fit correctly and comes with detailed instructions manual in several languages.

Wonderstuff · 11/07/2010 23:25

Not really what you are asking, but we had a company Toran for a while, and they don't have a spare tyre! We spent an hour and a half, first searching for a spare, then waiting for a tow home on the A303 one bank holiday. Couldn't believe there was no spare.

We have a Mamas and Papas Pro-tec and it is very easy to fit, I think now the stage whatever it is (1-3?) seat has been changed for one which looks similar to the kiddy comfort - definitly what we will be going for next time.

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