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Are 2nd hand car seats ok?

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GoodluckJonathan76 · 15/04/2018 11:59

Just bought a maxi cosi pebble car seat which is a couple of years old and (according to the seller) has never been in an accident, for DS3 (due in June). Then remembered that you're not supposed to buy car seats second hand. Anyone know why this is? Is it just because you can't be sure if it's been in an accident, or for other reasons? Seems they are £145 new and would only get used for 12 months or so.

OP posts:
BalloonFlowers · 15/04/2018 12:14

It just as you say - you cant tell by looking at them if they have been in a crash or are dammaged in any way.

GoodluckJonathan76 · 15/04/2018 12:16

Do people generally still buy then second hand?

OP posts:
Sty90 · 15/04/2018 12:17

I buy used car seats, it’s a small risk I am happy to accept. Many on here are going to tell you it’s big no no.

seven201 · 15/04/2018 12:44

It's a tricky one. If you're buying it from someone you can trust to be telling the truth then I personally it's fine. It should have an expiry date on it somewhere. They degrade so the expiry is important.

Nixen · 15/04/2018 12:47

Why would you risk it?

Ellenripleysalienbaby · 15/04/2018 12:50

They are fine second hand if it's from someone you know and trust (I'm a bit Hmm about 'expiry dates tbh, I think it's a bit of a marketing scam to make you buy new ones when you don't need to). But it's not a good idea to buy second hand from someone you don't know, just in case it has been in an accident and got damaged and compromised.

teaandbiscuitsforme · 15/04/2018 12:57

You shouldn't buy a car seat second hand unless you can be 100% sure of it's full history. My car was written off in a crash but the two car seats came out of it looking completely fine. However, they can never be used as I've got no idea what internal damage has been done or how they would protect in another collision.

The Joie Juva is a very good budget infant car seat - £40 and it fits on the Maxi Cosi pram adapters.

seven201 · 15/04/2018 21:35

I disagree about the expiry. Car seats are exposed to very cold temperatures and hot ones (not really a problem in the uk!) and that really affects the internal polystyrene and the straps stretch a little over time. I think crash tests have been done to show the difference. I'm not saying if you have your own car seat and a child who needs it a few months beyond the set expiry that you should chuck it out, but it's something you need to be mindful of.

Ellenripleysalienbaby · 15/04/2018 21:41

But the thing I don't get about expiry dates is how they can make the Stage 1, 2, 3 car seats, you know the ones that go from like 9 months to 12 years? If the expiry date on the plastic is 5 years or whatever it is they say, then how can these car seats be used for over 10 years perfectly safely? It's the same kind of plastic, they are just composed differently.

strawberrypenguin · 15/04/2018 21:58

I'd use from someone I know and trust and have re-used DS1's seats for DS2 but I wouldn't use second hand from someone I don't know.

Avasarala · 15/04/2018 22:01

No no no.

Why would you take a chance? If there has been any damage or excess strain on the structure, and you're in an accident and the seat doesn't do it's job... would you think "well, it's ok because I saved some money".

Just get a seat that isn't a designer or expense brand. Then it's new, and follows all safety rules and you're not spending a load just for a nice name.

Moominfan · 15/04/2018 22:04

I bought mine second hand. Not had any problems

NapQueen · 15/04/2018 22:06

Just buy a brand new not Maxi Cosi one for 50 quid if its down to finances.

Car seats and mattresses new. Its for safety. Its important.

DontDribbleOnTheCarpet · 15/04/2018 22:11

I'd buy anything except mattresses and car seats second hand. I'm not normally risk averse, but the only way to know for sure that your baby is protected is to buy new.

MaisyPops · 15/04/2018 22:13

Unless it was from family or a very close friend then I wouldn't.

student26 · 15/04/2018 22:17

I was in a car accident yesterday. Absolutely terrifying I can tell you, especially since my parents and ten month old daughter were in the car. Thankfully we walked away without even a scratch. We were advised by paramedics to get a brand new seat because of possible internal damage. I did have a second hand one when she was tiny but after the accident I'm going to be getting a brand new one as I just can't take the risk if anything, God forbid, happens again.

PEARSON93 · 15/04/2018 22:25

No, at the end of the day I don't think they are. You never really know the history and for that reason, I'll never buy a second hand one.

GoodluckJonathan76 · 15/04/2018 23:01

Thanks all. I will get a new one. My youngest is 8 so it's been a few years and I couldn't recall why second hand ones were a no. We live in London so don't use the car a lot so did wonder if worth the money but clearly is.

Another problem is that I bought a second hand Chica Next to Me crib from a good friend and have just read the comments about not using second hand mattresses! Hopefully they sell them separately otherwise I've wasted £80!

OP posts:
LovingLola · 15/04/2018 23:03

I bought mine second hand. Not had any problems

Have you been in a car crash with it?

seven201 · 16/04/2018 14:43

You can buy new mattresses easy enough. There are even sites where you put in the measurements in and they make them to size - not as expensive as it sounds. Chico probably do new ones though.

BertieBotts · 17/04/2018 22:04

There are no expiry dates on UK car seats. However you can look at the plastic on the back of the seat and see when it was manufactured, to get an idea of how old it might be. I'd also look over the whole seat very carefully - you're looking to check that the harness is intact, not twisted and is threaded correctly, the adjustment, handle and buckle operations all work smoothly and are not caked with debris, the manual should ideally be present (means the person was more likely to have read it and/or stored the seat correctly!) - though you can download copies from the website. Check all of the clips which hold the harness to make sure none are bent, snapped or damaged and that the cover is original and not a third party one. Check the polystyrene for any dents and damage. Check all of the plastic for stress marks (lighter colouring).

To be honest if you don't use the car a lot, any car seat is better than no car seat and Maxi Cosi is a trustworthy brand. So it's just the risk of potential damage, which you might not be able to see unfortunately. If you want to get a new one but have a small budget, Joie Juva is the best value out there. It regularly comes on offer for £40 so keep an eye out.

Chicco mattresses are on amazon :) This recommendation is slightly outdated now. It's not recommended in any other country. Lullaby Trust acknowledge also that it's only a small association and that the study isn't definitive. So if you would prefer to get a new mattress, then do, but it's not considered as important these days as it was when our older DC were born. The most important thing is that the mattress is clean and doesn't have any damage, particularly waterproof covers must be checked for tears and holes.

BertieBotts · 17/04/2018 22:05

Just to add to the confusion though - bottles I'd get new especially if you have any left from your DS as the BPA regulations have changed since then so all new bottles are safer, unless you're using glass. Plus it's just a hygiene thing really.

whatamigoingtodo87 · 22/06/2018 08:57

I bought my Chicco next to me replacement mattress from amazon for £20.

MrsSnootyPants2018 · 22/06/2018 08:58

It's the one baby thing I will never buy second hand. People can say it hasn't been in a crash or damaged at all, but you have no way of knowing!!!

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