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Joie Stages or Steadi

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PumpingRSI · 16/02/2014 10:15

hi, I'm currently trying to choose between the above two erf car seats. We can't afford a £300+ car seat so the joie allows us erf at a lower cost. I've read the which reviews and warnings that go with them and hope this car seats comes at a balance of providing good protection (esp motorway driving which I do once a month) and cost. But I don't know which one? why would I choose a Steadi when the Stages goes to 25kg and can be used longer? Is the Steadi a newer and safer model than Stages or does it have better options of comfort or seatbelt straps? Would be grateful for some insight on what seems to be a complicated and slightly emotive issue. Am happy to be educated!?

OP posts:
GoodEggSafetyAdvice · 18/02/2014 15:40


Both car seats are very good, with the Stages being slightly more versatile. They have both passed R44.04. The stages didn't do so well in side impact testing, however it performed very well in frontal impact testing, which a majority of, and the most dangerous collisions are.

The seat belt routing on the Stages makes it more versatile for fitting in different vehicles as it is less likely to buckle crunch when used as an ERF seat. The Steadi has a seat belt lock off when used rear facing, which the stages doesn't.

The Steadi is a newer model and I have not seen any results for higher impact testing yet to see how it compares to the stages. .

I hope this has shed a little bit of light for you!

Good Egg Safety

fairimum · 13/07/2014 23:18

Hi was wondering if there was any uPdate on this? My daughter is tiny for her age and very unlikely to use such a big seat when forward facing and wondering if the steady would be better to use in smaller cars? Also if it fits more solidly? Less wobble?

Ihateparties · 14/07/2014 11:08

I think so, we have a tilt, it hasn't got the belt lock off rear facing and although firm enough the steadi was a lot firmer. I was going to replace the tilt with the steadi but when I ordered one and tried it in the cars it's marginally wider/different shaped so didn't fit alongside my other two seats. I haven't tried a stages because it's quite a bit wider so has no chance of fitting for me. The belt lock off rear facing does make quite a big difference to the feel of it once fitted imo.

PurpleWithaMysteryBun · 14/07/2014 11:51

Do either of you happen to know of a stage 1 ERF that is slim and can just be belted with no tethers or a bar to the floor?

Ihateparties · 14/07/2014 13:07

The stages, tilt and steadi are all belted with no tethers or foot prop. The tilt is slimmer but by very little and the steadi allows for a taller child in rf mode. I don't know how wide the stages is but I know it's a decent bit wider than the tilt and steadi.

PurpleWithaMysteryBun · 14/07/2014 13:16

Thank you, having to a fit a third seat in inlaws freelander, but we will be getting a different car end of the year so hoping if I get something slim it will be more likely to fit in next car :/

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