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Car Seat Help! PLEASE.

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lifeas3plus1 · 28/07/2010 21:43

Originally we where going to buy a car with isofix. No problems there. Was going to get Britax baby safe and isofix base.

But then our budget had to be reduced significantly and we now have a car without isofix. So we where going to get Britax baby safe with belted base.

BUT. The car we got is a 2001 scenic and the seats roll up the edges (if you have one you'll know what I mean) and it seems that NO base will fit on these seats and will only be able to have a car seat fitted with 3 point seat belt.

My main problem is that once baby reaches the correct weight I will be buying a Britax Two Way Elite so I can keep him Rear Facing but what car seat would you suggest to then? Does anyone know of a Base that will fit in our car or is it a case of strapping the seat in with seat belt every time we go anywhere?

Also whilst we are on the subject, does anyone know of a booster seat for a 9yr old that will fit in this car? We have tried a few over the weekend and got no-where so currently Dss is just sat on normal seat using seat belt.

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nicm · 28/07/2010 22:28

what about a KISS car seat? i know what you mean about the scenic seats. the KIss is isofix but can also be used with the seat belt. it goes from 0-4 yrs and is rf but the seat can be lifted out and used as a baby carrier. it has a very narrow base-i got it to fit with 2 other car seats. i had the cabrio and a twe for ds and got this when he was about 18 months and wish it had of been available from the start.

lifeas3plus1 · 02/08/2010 20:27

I thought I'd started another post, Just couldn't rememeber what. lol.

I'll have a look at the KISS. Actually I think you mentioned it before.

It is suitable from birth yeah? That'll be good if it is. I won't have to buy 2 seperate seats then.

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thisisyesterday · 02/08/2010 20:32

i would just get a regular infant carrier and not worry about the base tbh

it isn't that much faff putting it in each time. or, you could do what we did and just leave it strapped in and put baby in and out each time.

Raffiiscool · 02/08/2010 20:34

I have a 2001 Scenic and I have had stage 0 Maxi Cosi Cabrio (the baby one),
stage 1 Maxi Cosi Tobi (an amazing rock sold seat)
and a Stage 2 Maxi Cosi Rodi.

All seats get great reviews in Which - the reason I went for them - i always do lots of research. None had bases. Yes, you need to strap the baby in every time in the Cabrio but it is quick and you get really good fast! I kept my sons in the stage 0 until they were 14months + - it is only when their wee head pokes out the top that you need to move them up to stage 1. Most people move up far too early I think. At 15 months they were ready to face forward and I wasn't so concerned as I would have been if they were younger. Would recommend all these seats. The Tobi is my favourite really solid and a very good seat.

lifeas3plus1 · 02/08/2010 21:14

Yeah think I'll go for a regular infant carrier before buying the Britax Two Way Elite.

The KISS looks amazing but baby is due in 6 weeks and we just can't afford it at the moment

Raffiiscool I've been looking at the Cabrio actually, It clips onto my new pram as well which is good. (I know babies aren't supposed to be in car seats for long but sometimes it's just easier for that quick 5 minute trip into the shop, especially when you have an 18month old too)

I'm definitely keeping him and Ds1 rearfacing until at least 4yrs old though so it will only be until he goes into the BTWE.

(I suppose I'm just being lazy with the whole base thing lol)

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