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5 week old only taking 1-2oz

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ECW82 · 16/01/2018 11:26

My 5 week old baby for the past 3 days has only been taking 1-2 oz on each feed and even this can be a struggle. She is sleepy all the time. Today is day 4 and has only has 2.5 oz today over 3 feeds (2am, 5.30am & 10am). I fed her at 10 even though she didn't wake up. Im sstarting to worry. Can anyone advise what i can do and if i should take her to the doctors? Thanks

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 16/01/2018 11:30

Coukd you try a faster teat?

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic · 17/01/2018 16:11

@ECW82 How is she today?

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