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Home birth?

1 reply

Franny0696 · 30/03/2022 15:51

I am pregnant with my 2nd child and my midwife said I would be a great person to have a home birth due to my 1st birth being only 2 hours 20 long and no complications. I was against at first but now toying with the idea. Any ideas or tips if you have had one?

I don't have enough room for a birthing pool, and would want gas and air which is an option. But not sure...

OP posts:

NoseringGirl · 16/04/2022 11:48

I had a home birth with my third and it's the best thing I've ever done! I have quick labours so it made sense for me. The gas and air was delivered to my house when I was 36 weeks but the midwives brought the attachments for it to work. That happened about 30 mins before baby was born! It was so lovely to be able to rest in my own home after the birth. The midwives mostly stayed in my dining room while I was in the living room. They came in for the birth, took some amazing photos and then got me settled with baby and went back to sit in the dining room for a couple of hours before leaving. I'd never want to birth in hospital again!

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