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Bagpuss30's birthday kitten arrives!

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Bagpuss30 · 12/07/2005 16:43

George arrived last Monday 4th July (my 31st birthday too!) at 11.25 pm and 3 days overdue, weighing 9 lb 5 oz. DS1 and DD are both really delighted with their little bro, and everything is going great . I feel very lucky indeed and would really like to thank all the girls on the TTC and Ante Natal threads who have supported me and listened to my ramblings since last October .

Whilst the little chap sleeps I will attempt a birth story:

8.00 pm last Monday, I finally decide that something might be happening so off we go to the hospital where I am examined and told that I am not dilating despite some mild painless contractions which are 5 mins apart. Midwife decides to give me a sweep there and then and tells me to wait to see if anything happens. 1 hour later and after watching loads of rubbish telly, dh slopes off to phone MIL to tell her that nothing is happening and whilst he is gone my waters break with a spectacular pop . After that I am carted off to the delivery suite by the best midwife ever who doesn't seem to mind that I am doubled over in pain and behaving like an absolute child . After we get into the room everything is pretty much a blur and although I try to get as off my face as possible on gas and air, it doesn't seem to be doing much. Second stage lasts about 5 minutes but seems like a lifetime. DS2 finally makes an appearance and starts crying even though he is still mainly inside me . Slight panic as midwife realises the cord is round his neck twice and under one arm and has to clamp it several times and cut it. DS2 is finally born after a 1.5 hr labour and comes out on a tidal wave of fluid. Midwive pulls emergency alarm as he is not breathing and has swallowed lots of fluid too . After a minute or two ds2 starts crying and dh (who has been mainly keeping a low profile up until now) and I are very relieved .

OP posts:
Miaou · 12/07/2005 16:49

Bagpuss, congratulations, and sharing your birthday too! Glad everything is ok now after a slightly scary start.

LURVE that new baby smell - enjoy.....

mrsdarcy · 12/07/2005 19:56

Congratulations Bagpuss .

PeachyClair · 12/07/2005 20:09

Oh what a lovely birthday gift, congratulations1

Yorkiegirl · 12/07/2005 20:11

Message withdrawn

Twiga · 12/07/2005 20:11

What a fab birthday present - Congratulations Bagpuss30! Welcome to the world wee George, lol to the whole family x

hub2dee · 12/07/2005 20:30

Bagpuss ! What a story !

Wow. Nice one ! Bet those two minutes were L O N G.

Well done, and happy (belated) birthday to you and George.


Hausfrau · 12/07/2005 20:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Frizbe · 12/07/2005 20:35

Oh congrats to you all!

kgc · 13/07/2005 01:08

Congrats to you and your family

Lolasmum · 13/07/2005 10:17

Congratulations Bagpuss. Hope you managed to have some birthday cake before you went into labour!

Bagpuss30 · 15/07/2005 11:26

Thanks for the congrats and no I didn't manage to get any cake! He is possibly the best present ever anyway .

OP posts:
Eulalia · 15/07/2005 11:56

Congratulations Bagpuss and family on baby George(sorry it took me so long to get round to here) and what a lovely birthday present for you!

18mumtobe · 16/07/2005 12:08


mears · 28/07/2005 09:50

What a brilliant birthday present. Congratulations and welcome to George

Springchicken · 28/07/2005 11:28

Congratulations Bagpuss

coppertop · 28/07/2005 12:00

Congratulations Bagpuss!

Pamina3 · 28/07/2005 15:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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