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Ruthlet has arrived

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Ruth21 · 11/12/2003 13:19

DD2 arrived yesterday morning after longwell it felt long to mebut straightforward labour at home. Woke up at 2 am Tuesday morning with contractions about 20 minutes apart, they got closer together during the day and were 5 mins apart most of the time from about 1pm, but when midwives came at 10pm Tuesday (after earlier visit at 4pm when I was not quite effaced) I was depressingly only 2 cm dilated. (Should point out that dp, not me, had dd1).

Contractions got faster and harder after that, midwives came back just before 5 with gas and air, which by then I really really needed. I also got in the pool at that point which was fantastic. Miriam was born in the pool at 6.39 am, 8lbs 1/2 oz. No middle name yet but she will get one!

Must go, sister and nephew just arrived.

OP posts:
anais · 11/12/2003 21:41


fio2 · 11/12/2003 21:48

well done ruth

elliott · 11/12/2003 21:51

Congratulations - sounds like you coped brilliantly, only getting on to the gas and air for the last hour or so!
Hope you are enjoying these special early days

tabitha · 11/12/2003 22:00

Congrats Ruth! Hello baby Miriam.

Twink · 11/12/2003 22:01

Many congrats and welcome to baby Ruth.

There must be something in the water(s) this week judging by the number of BA's !

Twink · 11/12/2003 22:02

Sorry, being a dimwit, baby Miriam

Marina · 11/12/2003 22:34

Many congratulations on your waterbirth Ruth, how lovely for you both. And Miriam is such a pretty name!

pie · 11/12/2003 23:00

Congratulations Ruth on your water babe

mears · 11/12/2003 23:04

Well done. Congratulations and welcome to Miriam

susanmt · 12/12/2003 07:30

Congratulations Ruth and family, and welcome baby Miriam, lovely name.

WideWebWitch · 12/12/2003 09:22

Crikey, another home birth! Well done and congratulations

jessi · 12/12/2003 10:24

Congratulations Ruth21! Welcome to little Miriam.

Tinker · 12/12/2003 19:38

Babies are popping out all over the place atm. Congratulations

jodee · 12/12/2003 22:01

Know what you mean, Tinker!
Many congratulations Ruth.

CountessDracula · 12/12/2003 22:24

congratulations! Welcome to little Miriam xx

chanelno5 · 13/12/2003 13:32

Congrats Ruth21

winnie1 · 15/12/2003 11:27

Ruth21 congratulations... Welcome miriam!

Ruth21 · 15/12/2003 17:50

Thank you everyone. She is wonderful and gorgeous, and also now has a middle name--she is Miriam Rosa. Rosa because of the rosy dawn breaking as we made it to bed on Wednesday morning. Dp got carried away with her hippy side.

OP posts:
bundle · 16/12/2003 10:56

oh ruth,that's lovely. big welcome to miriram rosa

motherinferior · 16/12/2003 11:27

Give her, dp and dd1 a great big kiss from me.

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