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Dominic or Lucas

18 replies

PollyPeter · 25/11/2022 16:51

Down to two names. Will likely wait until we see him to make the final decision but interested to do a bit of a poll.
Also if you have a son with either name, what is his middle name and what does he most commonly go by day to day (nicknames)

OP posts:
Rauha · 25/11/2022 16:53


imnotwhoyouthinkiam · 25/11/2022 16:58

I have a Dominic. His middle names are Ronald Thomas, after 2 of his great grandads

Hes known as Dominic mainly.
Sometimes pickle, pudding, baby boy (hes not a baby hes 18), Nicky pickles. Dominicky. Dominicky Noodles.

Never Dom. He hates it and corrects people if they say it.

AdaColeman · 25/11/2022 16:59

Dominic! A lovely name and quite unusual at the moment.

Lucas and its variants have been popular for years so there will be a lot of them around.

pimlicoanna · 25/11/2022 17:00


DuchessOfSausage · 25/11/2022 17:10

I prefer Lucas. Dominic is OK apart from it gets shortened to Dom, and Dominics Rab and Cummings.
Luke is nicer than Lucas.

Opihr · 25/11/2022 17:11


Gummibär · 25/11/2022 17:41


ChocolateBauble · 25/11/2022 17:43


DramaAlpaca · 25/11/2022 17:44

I love both, so I'm no help!

PollyPeter · 26/11/2022 15:06

Thanks! Looks like Lucas is more currently popular and Dominic is more underused classic which I know. Am still curious about the shortenings used by people who have Dominic's or Lucas's.

OP posts:
Gummibär · 26/11/2022 15:27

I know 2 Lucases and one Lukas. They are all known by their full name. It's only 2 syllables and so easy to say!

Dominic will probably become Dom.

Orangebadger · 26/11/2022 16:45

I like both Dominic and Lucas. I always envision a Dominic to be blonde and blue eyed and a Lucas to be the opposite. No idea why but what he's like when he's born would be when I would wait to choose.

Gigi97 · 26/11/2022 19:10

Dominic! Love this name. A classic.

resm · 26/11/2022 19:16

Dominic! Love this name. Prefer Luke to Lucas.

fairycupcakes · 28/11/2022 15:59

Dominic is great! Due a revival I think!

ChildrenOfTheQuorn · 28/11/2022 18:11

Dominic! And Dom is nicer than Luke imo.

WandaWomblesaurus · 28/11/2022 18:14

Lucas because then he can be Luke (and Luke Skywalker obv)
Dominic will become Dom. Which is not Star Wars.

JamSandle · 28/11/2022 18:15


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