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Nanny Baby Breathing Monitors

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louinthevillage · 07/04/2010 16:38

Hi I have bought two of these for soon to arrive twins, but when I read the instructions which come with it it said for Newborns instead of under the matress it should go under the sheet. That would be like putting your baby to sleep on a chopping board! Has anyone used one under mattress for NB and is it ok ?

OP posts:
fidelma · 07/04/2010 22:02

I've used mine under the mattress.No problemo

Safemum · 12/04/2010 11:17

Hi, I have never had any problems and my baby looked comfortable. There are other monitors on the market that simply clip onto baby's nappy - i find these are much better than the under the mattress monitor.
Hope this helps : )

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