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Which baby monitor to buy?

3 replies

Skater33 · 18/11/2023 18:44

Hi all!
Not an exciting post I'm afraid but I'm trawling the internet looking for the ideal baby monitor! Is it best to go with one that links to your phone or one that has its own monitor?! I'm undecided!!!
The one that has the best reviews so far is the Tommee Tippee Dreamview which has a monitor but annoyingly no mounting point!!! I really need to be able to attach it to a stand! Happy to consider all options if you have a particular one you would recommend?!
Many thanks!

OP posts:
Ange370 · 26/11/2023 10:25

Hi, I’m in the same boat, currently 30 weeks pregnant. I have a 5 year old son, which when he was a baby I used a £150 Motorola monitor with a massive screen, ideal for range but the quality wasn’t great, it was in b&w, plus if your wifi went down so did the monitor! After that I bought a cheap stand alone surveillance camera which linked to your phone, this was great quality but meant you have to have your phone on all the time, which isn’t ideal when you want to actually use it, plus it had the same issue with the wifi, once it’s down it’s down. I’m looking for a monitor with a decent quality and decent sized screen which doesn’t use wifi. Plenty of research still to be done! Hope this helps.

PollyMumsnet · 29/11/2023 09:53

Hi @Skater33 thanks for your thread! If you're still on the lookout for a baby monitor, you might find our round-up of MNers' best baby monitors helpful. Any thoughts or feedback on the article, let us know 💐

Best baby monitors UK: tried and trusted monitors | Mumsnet

Handpicked by our expert editors, these are the best baby monitors for 2023. From VTech, Leapfrog and more.

DuploTrain · 29/11/2023 09:59

We have the VTech one. Does the job well, still using it 2 years later.

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