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Supporting friend with Crohn's

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PenguinsCantFly · 13/08/2021 16:38

My friend has recently found out she has Crohn's. She is waiting on getting her meds organised at her local hospital - but it could be a month at least before her appointment.

She has lost lots of weight and has no energy at all, so is spending a lot of time in bed.

I'd really like to do something for her, but not sure what. I've sent little gifts in the post and am calling/texting her regularly. But am wondering if there is anything else I could do?

So to any Crohn's sufferers out there, was there anything that helped you/cheered you up whilst you were waiting for your meds?


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PricklesTheHedgehog · 14/08/2021 17:43

What a lovely friend you are.

It actually sounds like you're doing everything you can already.

Does she need someone to take her to the appointment?

70Cats · 14/08/2021 18:55

You are very kind to be worried about your friend. She has active Crohns and needs to see a Gastroenterologist urgently. I’m surprised she has to wait so long for medication. This is not acceptable she needs to find out the name of her consultant and phone them. Most gastro consultants will give her an emergency appointment. There is a danger of gangrene in the intestines if not treated urgently. Unfortunately this illness takes away the strength of individuals to fight for themselves. Is there anyone who will speak for her? Wish her good luck from me a crohns sufferer.

PenguinsCantFly · 14/08/2021 22:41

Thanks for the replies!

Unfortunately, she also needs an operation (connected to her Crohn's diagnosis) so this is delaying things.

She is staying with her parents and they are chasing up the hospital daily to get an ETA on the operation date. Once she has had the operation her meds can start.

Really hoping the operation date comes through asap.

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