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Autoimmune disease

Friend's daughter has been diagnosed with Vitiligo?

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JanuaryJonez · 03/06/2021 23:22

I've posted this under the Autoimmune topic as it can be a cause.

Last year my teenage DD's best friend developed a large pale circle of skin in the upper middle of her forehead. She's white so it didn't contrast that much, and when she tanned she blended it well with make-up.

It's been monitored since and today my DD told me that her friend has been officially diagnosed with Vitiligo. The doctor said that it could be just hormonal and could improve, but they can't be certain currently.

Her friend is apparently being positive about it and focusing on it being just hormonal. I Googled images of it though and it can become quite extreme.

I'd love to be able to reassure her if that's possible and wondered if any of you were parents of teenagers for whom it did improve, or know people that got over it.

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Eggsley · 03/06/2021 23:41

I'm not sure I can offer any reassurance, but my younger son has a patch on his ribs which I'm pretty sure is vitiligo. He's 4 and it hasn't changed at all. I have the odd patch here and there, although I've never been diagnosed with it as I've never been to the doctors about it and the patches aren't big enough to bother me. I had a larger patch on my ankle when I was mid-late teens which seems to have gone now.

My dad has it everywhere except his face/neck but to be honest I've never really noticed it on him as it's always been there and it's just what he looks like.

Interestingly my dad was told when he was diagnosed that it isn't hereditary but both me and my younger son have definitely got patches!

JanuaryJonez · 04/06/2021 01:12

That's interesting - and reassuring!

OP posts:
CustardyCreams · 04/06/2021 03:23

Hi, I am pale skinned and I have vitiligo. Really important to use a high factor sunblock all the time as the skin is sensitive. My vitiligo started in my 30’s on the backs of my hands and at first rapidly spread, then slowed down, and now is slowly creeping all over. Hasn’t reached my face yet.

I don’t have symmetrical vitiligo and I find it quite embarrassing ( especially when MIL comments on how unhealthy I look, and why don’t I just get a nice tan to sort it out, she chooses to think the vitiligo is psychosomatic which I find weird). It can make you feel depressed and self conscious, but most people generally don’t even notice it as long as I’m careful to avoid tanning. I like winter and long sleeves.

I haven’t noticed other symptoms but worth keeping an eye on thyroid malfunction because it can be associated with vitiligo.

fallfallfall · 04/06/2021 04:43

my youngest developed it in his teens.
he too is pale with blue eyes and the patches in the wintertime are not noticeable.
he did go for a series of narrowband UVB treatment with some success (done in a physio department) some topical and some injections (which i don' believe are part of the protocol any more).
i don't believe they have progressed much. he's nearing 36 and doesn't appear self conscious of the spots/area's.

romdowa · 04/06/2021 05:27

My father developed it in his 50s he has quite large patches in his arms and neck. I've tiny patches on my arms too. My father was just told to use sun cream but it wasn't something that particularly bothered him really it only got diagnosed because I pushed for answers.

GentlyGentlyOhDear · 04/06/2021 05:31

I have tiny patches on my arms but I'm very pale so it's not noticeable. It doesn't really bother me at the minute. If it spreads and becomes obvious I would ask for steroid or light treatment. Mine coincided with when I was diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroid disease after the birth of my third child.

jajabanks · 04/06/2021 08:38

I've had it since a teen. I would say at least 70% of my body is now white. So it has got worse as I got older (early 40's now) Also with each pregnancy it has got worse. Some patches come back but then disappear again so it's a weird thing in that sense as you just don't know what will happen with it. So I don't think you can just say shell grow out of it unfortunately.

jajabanks · 04/06/2021 08:41

I also had the light treatment years ago and that didn't do much unfortunately (that was when it wasn't as bad as now) had cream too but again didn't do much. The British red cross do a cameoflague service where they match up make up and setting powder. If you find the info on the site you need to get Dr to refer you (I think) and that's a free service.

JanuaryJonez · 04/06/2021 11:56

Thanks for your replies Smile

OP posts:
Lonecatwithkitten · 07/06/2021 21:53

I was born with my first patch, it has progressed. However, for me vitiligo was the tip of the autoimmune iceberg I also have MCTD, pernicious anaemia and fibromyalgia.

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