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Autoimmune disease

Low Fodmap

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azulmariposa · 24/03/2019 15:28

I've been told that I need to do a Low fodmap exclusion diet, any recommendations for recipe books?
I can't eat eggs, most recipes I've found include eggs.
God knows what I'm going to eat! I suspect it will just be chicken and rice for a month!

OP posts:
ATowelAndAPotato · 24/03/2019 15:35

The Monash FODMAP app is excellent, developed by the Monash University in australia who do all the testing to identify whether a food is low fodmap or not. Also comes which a handy guide into what on earth Fodmap actually is!

nometal · 24/03/2019 15:56

My wife was advised to do the Low Fodmap exclusion diet by her GP. She also attended a Low Fodmap support group in (in Oxford), again arranged by her GP, which she found helpful as it gave her a chance to compare notes with others on the same diet. Maybe there is one in your area.

In the end she gave up the diet as she found it far too restricting for the limited benefits she experienced. However, another friend (who lives local to Monash) has stuck with it as he has found it has really helped his symptoms.

By extension, I was also on the low fodmap diet and the only real problem I had was the lack onions and garlic as it was easy for me to add pulses and other forbidden items separately .

Our Australian friend says that the thing he misses most is beans on toast.

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