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Autoimmune disease

Nerve conduction studies

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hazell42 · 05/10/2018 20:40

Hi, does anyone have any experience of nerve conduction studies. I'm due to have one tomorrow after my neurologist said my reflexes were brisk. She didnt explain what that means.
I also have an mri next week. I have been having a number of weird skin sensations such as numbness and pins and needles and balance issues. I also have low b12 and have had trigeminal neuralgia for 10 years.

OP posts:
Haberpop · 05/10/2018 20:42

I had nerve conduction studies on my arms and legs, it was unpleasant but not unbearable.

KittyB52 · 15/10/2018 07:48

I had them on my arms after complaining of stiff joints in my hands on waking - GP suspected carpal tunnel. The tests were a weird sensation but made me a bit giggly rather than being in discomfort - HCP doing the tests said she got a range of reactions from laughing to shouting and swearing. Shock The tests were done pretty quickly.

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