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Am I over reacting?

AWmummy · 14/10/2019 17:34

Hi ladies just wondering if anyone has experienced similar, I’m working myself up into an absolute state.
My 20 week scan showed that one of baby’s kidneys was slightly dilated. I didn’t think much of it as the sonographer wasn’t concerned. I went back again for my follow up scan at 22 weeks with my consultant (that I was already under due to recurrent miscarriage)
She again didn’t seem overly concerned.
However, when I got home I made the mistake of googling! I’ve seen that it’s linked to DS especially when teamed with any other ‘soft markers’ obviously I started scouring my notes and noticed that baby’s femur was on a lower percentile than the other measurements.
My triple test came back low risk but for some reason I wasn’t given a ratio?? And my NT was 2.2 at 13 weeks, I’m 31.
Any experience in any of this? And do you think I could request an amnio?
Thanks in advance ladies xxx

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