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to boycott Allied carpets

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smartiejake · 22/06/2008 11:51

Went in to Allied yesterday to look for a reasonably priced carpet for our study. Found one that fitted the bill- £11.20 per square metre. Fine. Don't need underlay as we have this already from old carpet.Asked about fitting £45. Fine.

He then told me there was a £20 delivery charge (WTF?)

"WHat even if we are using your fitters and they are coming to our house anyway?"


What a bloody rip off!

Walked out protesting loudly to all who could hear

Found a nice friendly local firm who bought round some sample books. They found me a better quality cheaper carpet, delivered it free and fitted it for £35.

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nametaken · 22/06/2008 11:58

Maybe the fitters were going to arrive at your house in an ordinary car to do the carpet fitting. If you want it delivered they then have to organise a large vehicle I suppose.

Or maybe Allied Carpets are greedy grasping corporate twats!

milliec · 22/06/2008 12:15

Message withdrawn

smartiejake · 22/06/2008 12:46

No I have used Allied fitters before. They always bring the carpet with them.

Agree that Allied are greedy grasping corporate twats. So called bargain prices are reclaimed in this way obviously!

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Love2bake · 22/06/2008 13:12

I like using local small company's.

So no YANU.

soopermum1 · 22/06/2008 17:47

i got lino from allied carpets about 3 months ago. got it fitted as wel, there was no delivery charge then.

smartiejake · 22/06/2008 20:18

I have used Allied 3 times in the past and have never had to pay a delivery charge.

Beginning to wonder if the guy was trying to pull a fast one. I might e-mail their head office and find out.

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