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to expect someone to ask if you're okay after falling over?

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MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo · 19/06/2008 22:38

I went over on my ankle on my way home. It was on a steep hill and I almost went head over heels.

I had to work myself up to putting weight on my feet as I could feel my ankle wasn't too good.

I could see a lady walk on the opposite side of the road and there was someone else walking up the hill too and no-one called out to see if I was okay. I don't think you could have missed me falling over - I'm not very graceful.

I walked a further mile back to my parents' house and it seemed okay but now it aches. (I'm such a wimp)

OP posts:
GivePeasAChance · 19/06/2008 22:39

Miserable bastards

Hows your ankle?

unknownrebelbang · 19/06/2008 22:42

YANBU, you have my sympathy but...

I fell over once, outside school one evening (missed the kerb in the dark). One of the dads did come rushing over to me to see if I was ok.....but the only place that hurt was my bust, and I just wanted to check it out, and couldn't till he'd sodded off!

cornsilk · 19/06/2008 22:42

How horrible of them. Hope you're okay now.

Remotew · 19/06/2008 22:44

Of course YANBU they should ask you before you fall. If they have a spec into the future.

Remotew · 19/06/2008 22:47

Sorry read it wrong!! Think I should go to bed.

MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo · 19/06/2008 23:12

to bed with you Eve!

I'm off to put my feet up and take a nurofen or 2.

I was talking about the last time I injured my ankle at my lunch hour, little knowing I'd go and do the same again!

OP posts:
BexieID · 19/06/2008 23:20

I've fallen up the stairs twice at work with the same male manager behind me, and he never said a thing!

ButterflyMcQueen · 19/06/2008 23:22

margo this exact thing happened to me last wednesday and i am late pg

bloke walked past no comment


dont get it!

SueW · 19/06/2008 23:26

I fell over a few weeks ago and two men came to check I was ok - a builder working on a nearby wall and a man who was driving past, who stopped his car.

Sorry to hear people aren't so friendly in your neck of the woods.

MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo · 19/06/2008 23:29

Do you reckon they thought we were drunk?

Actually, I fell over (on the same bloody ankle) at work while 6 months pg and a small lady went to pick me up. I refused her help as I thought I'd do her back in! I asked another bloke in the queue who looked like he was used to heavy lifting! lol

OP posts:
TheHedgeWitch · 19/06/2008 23:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Joolyjoolyjoo · 19/06/2008 23:48

YANBU. Console yourself with the idea that what goes around comes around. fwiw, I would have helped you

margoandjerry · 20/06/2008 01:12


Only consolation is that I am a frequent faller-overer (inc quite badly in late pregnancy resulting in hugely bruised bump) and it's quite mortifying when you are trying not to cry with shame and a few strangers rush over to help you up and you can't get up because you have hurt yourself and are a bit disorientated and are the size of a whale .

When I did my pregnancy fall (actually I fell over twice while pregnant - on exactly the same bump in the road but three months apart ) it took about three people to haul me up.

Have also fallen over in my office, in Selfridges and in a bowling alley (cannot recommend that one - it is very difficult to get any purchase on a bowling lane which is waxed to make the bowling ballss run more smoothly )

I would have run to help you but would have tripped on my way...

branflake81 · 20/06/2008 09:16

I once saw an old man fall in the street. I went over to help him up but he was too heavy. I was really struggling and no one stopped to help. I was quite shocked.

OrmIrian · 20/06/2008 09:22

I'm never sure whether to help or not. Some people get very embarrassed and would rather be left to themselves. I would TBH unless I am quite unable to get up on my own.

Saw some chap fall over in the street yesterday. I thought about helping him but realised that he was seriously under the influence - you could smell it on him. Had a dog with him on a lead - poor little thing was being dragged all over the place as he staggered about.

Hope the ankle is OK soon.

BouncingTurtle · 20/06/2008 09:31

I've helped people who have fallen over.
How horribly rude people are where you live!
Hope you are ok.

mistypeaks · 20/06/2008 09:36

I fell over running into a shop out of the rain. The floor was slippy and I slid through the building on my front. I was wearing a long skirt and as I slid it rode higher and higher . . . A few people came over to help and seemed to be going slower and slower coming to my aid. Which was when I remembered I had no knickers on!! (a treat for bf ) Everyone in that store was either peeing themselves or really embarrased!!
If I see someone fall I always offer to help. Its 50% 50% whether I get told to sod off or some gratitude. Doesn't put me off though.

MrsBadger · 20/06/2008 09:37

If I fall over I'd rather people pretended it didn;t happen as I;m usually ashamed of making such a tit of myself.

theressomethingaboutmarie · 20/06/2008 09:38

Oh that's terrible Margo. Last year when I was v. heavily pg, I fell over on my way to the tube station (I work in the anonymous, no-one-talks-to-anyone City). After trying to grab a bollard to steady myself and doing a very poor pole-dancing style manoeuvre, I fell on my back. Two men came rushing up to help me get up and a few people asked if I was okay as I carried on walking to the tube station.

I'd like to think that Margo's situation was an exception to the rule...

mistypeaks · 20/06/2008 09:39

Better than making an ar$e of yourself as I did

missblythe · 20/06/2008 09:45

Margo, I'm just as trippy as you. It's shameful, isn't it? Have fallen in Selfridges twice!

Top tip: In M&S Marble Arch, it is almost worth falling over for all the kindness from teh M&S ladies. So try, if you can, to stagger those few extra metres from Selfridges!

margoandjerry · 20/06/2008 10:10

oh yeah and then there was the time I fell down the escalators at Canary Wharf tube (a very long drop if anyone knows it).

I stumbled on a step then obviously couldn't right myself on a moving staircase and tumbled to the bottom losing shoes and bag in the process. I thought for a second I was going to die but I found myself in a heap at the bottom and everyone coming down the escalator after me had to jump over me to get off the escalator before they could come back and help me

I am clearly a liability. Missblyth, I'll try M&S next time and see if I can scam some of those chocolate and orange mini-bites in consolation

MARGOsBeenPlayingWithMyNooNoo · 20/06/2008 18:19

I'm glad I'm not the only clumsy girl.

My ankle's fine now.

OP posts:
Pacific · 20/06/2008 18:36

I used to ride a moped to work. One cold rainy day I was in the office still wearing all my huge padded waterproofs over my equally huge padded backside. The phone rang and I answered it and tried to perch on the edge of an office chair with castors on it.

Unfortunately, I misjudged.....the chair shot out from under my shiny nylon waterproofs, cannoned across the floor and crashed into 4 other chairs. Just like a break in snooker, they shot off in all directions and collided with various desks, doors etc. A stack of equipment toppled over onto me and a laptop computer crashed to the floor.

I, meanwhile, was scrabbling around on the floor with the dropped phone, tring not to cry with a twisted ankle and trying to hold a professional conversation with the poor person on the other end of the phone who had heard this calamity.

My colleagues rushed out to help but of course, were helpless with laughter.

The incident is still spoken about........

Oh! the mortification.

bubblagirl · 20/06/2008 18:45

sometimes people tend not to say anything as other person may feel embarrassed

but hope you are ok

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