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paperroses · 12/06/2008 18:08

DH has been home late all this week and can be home for 5pm but has been coming in at 7-7.30 after a jaunt to the pub.

DS and DD have ben at home todat with a tummy bug and since about 2pm have both perked up considerably and are arguing and running around like mad things.

Emailed DH earlier to ask him to be on time tonight as don't want to be waiting around to eat again and the kids are driving me mad.

He said he would be on time.

6.05,still no sign of him.

Do I ring?
Usually a waste of time as he leaves his phone in his briefcase in the car .

Have been counting down the minutes since 5pm.

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silvercrown · 12/06/2008 18:11

oh dear, know how you feel as DH doesn't get home until about 6.30-7pm every night and the kids are always driving me mad by then. Give him a good ear bashing when he gets in!! Unless he's coming from London on the Liv St line - there's a train been derailed or something.

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