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My DP wants to bring his friends on holiday with us

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lucyellensmum · 11/06/2008 20:56

I'm not so sure about it, I hardly know these people and they are not really my type.

I have been with my DP a few months now and i have suggested a holiday (i have access to an exclusive holiday resort). He is very insistent of bringing along a second couple. They are very nice, although the wife does seem a little too pally pally with DP. Im sure they are just friends and her DH doesnt seem to bothered. He is more the comfy slippers type iyswim.

I am quite a sociable person, but something is making me uncomfortable and i can't quite put my finger on it.

What should i do?

OP posts:
nametaken · 11/06/2008 20:58

Are you really lucellensmum?

Thomcat · 11/06/2008 20:58

So do you think the other couple might be swingers and this is your DPs way of putting it to you?

NotDoingTheHousework · 11/06/2008 20:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

2point4kids · 11/06/2008 20:59

nametaken - its just another one of those para phrasing another aibu thread for laughs

NotDoingTheHousework · 11/06/2008 21:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

lucyellensmum · 11/06/2008 21:01

I'm not sure Thomcat, she does seem to be very friendly to DP. But she is quite offhand with me, its almost like she doesnt take mind and DPs relationship seriously, like she see's me as his bit of fluff (ok so he is a bit older than i am). But the husband, a swinger? The only thing i imagine him swining is his golf club.

OP posts:
QuintessentialShadows · 11/06/2008 21:02

I am not sure what to say.

LEM, is this you?

Habbibu · 11/06/2008 21:03

Has she got a Honda Civic, lem? That's got to be the clincher

NotDoingTheHousework · 11/06/2008 21:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

lucyellensmum · 11/06/2008 21:04

i would have obviously namechanged, but i don;t know how

OP posts:
ScottishMummy · 11/06/2008 21:04

LEM?this post is not your usual style.hope you dont mind me saying. funny thought you and DH had been item for more than "a few months now"

lucyellensmum · 11/06/2008 21:05

Im not sure what car she drives tbh, but i am more of a audi girl myself. I saw the new audi sports car the other day and nearly come in my pants

OP posts:
Closetothewind · 11/06/2008 21:06

Very amusing.

Habbibu · 11/06/2008 21:07

Who are you, Closeto?

lucyellensmum · 11/06/2008 21:14

You like that closeto? Sorry, but i was bored and tought i might have a go at trolling, but im not very good at it.

Trolling rule #1 namechange!

OP posts:
hayley2u · 11/06/2008 21:18

hell no er a holiday is a break your supposed to spend time together not bring people with you, it be different if you were both very close to them , i would not let him but that me

Habbibu · 11/06/2008 21:20

hayley - it's a wind-up...

hayley2u · 11/06/2008 21:21

ooo ha ha silly me !!

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