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to ask where to get cheap CCTV

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nadeelia · 13/10/2022 18:33

Hi all posting here for traffic.

Anyone know where i can get a cheap CCTV that you dont need to use with a phone please. Kids are throwing apples at my front door and window both front and kitchen and been told that cameras are the only way to put them off, worried that the windows will smash soon as its about 10 a night they are throwing. Mine is not the only house its happening to BTW.


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purpleboy · 13/10/2022 18:36

Have you tried googling? Sounds like a PITA

nadeelia · 13/10/2022 18:41

I have but most of the ones I can find are linked to phones now and not like the old style where you can plug into the T.V.

Yes kids ae bastards around here.

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mumofninetofive · 13/10/2022 18:47

OP look for a cheap system with an NVR box. I have Reolink cameras with an NVR which has Hdmi output so you can watch on the TV/monitor and also records all the footage 24/7. Can access with mobile if you ever want or a pc/laptop.

I would look at buying an NVR with POE cameras (power over Ethernet). Basically you plug a network cable from your camera to the NVR recorder and it takes the power from that. So only 1 cable easy to set up, or even use wi-fi, but you would need a power lead or solar panel bit more expensive.

Check Reolink on n Amazon 😊

mumofninetofive · 13/10/2022 18:52

Just to add OP , if you can afford they do some nice PTZ cameras with floodlights. They can choose to aromatically identify and follow people/cars/pets or just one of them.

At night the camera will identify people light them up with the spotlight and follow them, this alone stops most hanging around 😊

1987qwerty · 13/10/2022 19:30

Have you considered dummy cameras?

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