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Feel like I am sinking in my new job

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Eurydice84 · 12/10/2022 19:35

After many years working for the same organisation, I recently changed jobs. My new job is in a new sector and I have found the onboarding process (again, remote) fairly stressful. It's only week two and my diary is very full of inductions, meetings, group chats, all remote. I have also started my own assignments and have been on a work trip. I feel like there is so much I don't know yet but I have been thrown into the deep end. I am trying to read as much as I can, and arrange meetings with lots of different staff (remote and in person). Is it normal to feel a bit of job anxiety at first? It's been so long since I had a new job...

OP posts:
HangOnToYourself · 12/10/2022 19:40

Yes totally normal, I started a new role about 6 weeks ago and felt completely out of my depth for the first 3-4weeks. It does stat to settle down but it's hard and stressful in the meantime

Sandinmyknickers · 12/10/2022 19:42

It's normal. Stop and breathe and focus on what you can control. It sounds like you're doing everything you can to be proactive and get to grips with things. You are competent and deserve to be there or they wouldn't have hired you. Time will make it easier you've just got to let time do it's thing...

heartchakra · 12/10/2022 19:45

Completely normal. Start a work journal - after about three months you'll look back and see how far you've come and insurmountable or difficult issues as you see them now will be taken in your stride. Good luck. Well done for stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself. Keeps you alive.

Cassillero · 12/10/2022 19:50

Completely normal. I panic pretty much every job I have thinking I'll never ever understand it as its all so very very hard. But every single time within 3 months max I've thought "oh I get it now, it's not that hard after all".

I've had to remind myself of that just today as just been offered a new job!

MamaSharkington · 12/10/2022 19:54

I am in the same boat. It's so stressful and I'm finding the overspill into my evenings insane. To the point where I'll give it 6 months and possibly drop back down to a similar position to previous. I don't want my life to be like this. 6 weeks so far and no aign of abating despite having some expectations pulled back a bit. The money isn't worth it at all.

Also massive performance anxiety here.

I keep telling myself what other posters have said, not sure whether I believe it yet though! I'm flipping around a lot emotionally!

Partey · 12/10/2022 19:57

I’m 3 months into a new role. I felt exactly the same 2-4 weeks in. I actually almost left to a more familiar role which was offered. I was up front with new management and stuck with it.

3 months on and it’s the best job I’ve ever had in the best working environment I’ve ever experienced. I told myself I’d give it 6 months and I’m so glad I did

Curiosity101 · 12/10/2022 20:13

I've just come back from maternity leave and feel similar.

Although I've been at this company almost 6 years and this was my second maternity leave. I didn't feel like this last time when I returned. The role I'm in now is the same role I was in prior to leaving, but I'd only been doing it a couple of months prior to going on maternity leave.

So my conclusion is that it's the new team, new manager and also changes in the business that are causing me to feel this way. I'll have been back 6 weeks tomorrow and I'd say in my case it's getting worse rather than better.

Having said that I'll be sticking this out till the end of the year and will then reassess. These things can sometimes take awhile to even out.

ShipwreckSunset · 12/10/2022 20:17

Totally normal. It will get easier.

Isthisexpected · 12/10/2022 20:17

It's totally normal. Lower your expectations of yourself and don't commit to what you can't deliver. Set your stall out from now. Say yes and I'll have that back to you by Y with realistic timescales so you don't become known as a people pleaser who works herself into the ground. There's some research about it taking 90 days (full time) to see enough aspects of a role, learn the lay of the land etc before you can really start to feel grounded let alone competent. You'll be fine!

YellowRedBlueGreen · 12/10/2022 20:19

I'm on day three and feel like some knobhead who bought a ticket to the wrong film and that everyone thinks I'm a twat 😫

Firecarrier · 12/10/2022 20:23

Watching with interest as thinking of going for a different role and really 50/50 as it's scarey and I worry ill be out of my depth 😬 and I'm very comfortable where I am but there's virtually no prospect of progression, I'm terrified if I get it I'll regret it and be constantly frazzled and knackered 😂

Madbadandusuallysad · 12/10/2022 20:25

Week 3 in my new job as a university admin. Feel like its chaos, the spreadsheet they gave me as a test prior to interview was straightforward enough but bloody hell the reality- the pulling data from a thousand different portals and the lack of proper process and many different people telling you many conflicting things has really shocked me.

I really want to walk out but need the money and it's a step up from my old minimum wage job.

Cw112 · 12/10/2022 20:27

I think it takes at least 6 months to feel like you're properly settled into any new job never mind moving into a new sector as you have. I keep notes on everything, every process etcetera so I can revisit when I need to check something. Ask lots of questions if there's other team members you can contact remotely when you're stuck. And I'd also recommend keeping a wee list of things that have gone well and you felt good about so you can read it on bad days to remind yourself you're not failing you're just still learning and you're capable.

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