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How to manage extreme noise from neighbours child

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Fattyfattybumbumface · 08/10/2022 19:35

Hello.. this is a difficult topic to even post about. I live in a small mid terrace. About 2 years ago a really lovely woman moved in with her husband (more on that) and at the time about 2 year old son. She doesn't speak much English but we managed to communicate a bit and she honestly is the warmest kindest loveliest woman. She did say her son makes a lot of noise and I just thought well that's typical of kids and something I personally like. To try to get to the point, what started as quite loud toddler noise progressed over time to shrieking, banging etc etc. It became clear that the also very lovely little boy has autism and is non verbal and I think possibly has a metabolic disorder. However the noise escalated to rows between the couple, it seemed the dad who is a taxi driver is disrupting the boys sleep who then wakes up and once awake which is not his fault he then shrieks and screams and bangs. I feel really sorry for my neighbour and the situation she is trying to handle but it has now become a situation where the boy will sometimes be woken up then slam a ball continuously against the bedroom wall or scream all night. I can't be sure but I do think that this noise in the night is down to him being woken up by an irresponsible father who gets the family to wake to his shift hours and another neighbour said they heard evidence of domestic violence, which I personally haven't. I am very dependent on income from a lodger but he wants to move out due to the noise. I also have illness that means being able to sleep is essential. I do not know what to do in this situation and obviously the little boy cannot help his behaviour. Does anyone know if there are any possible things that could help?

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Hoardasurass · 08/10/2022 20:11

If you believe that there's domestic violence call the police or social services

Fattyfattybumbumface · 08/10/2022 20:26

I would if I had heard it myself but didn't. It concerns me, I've been a victim of DV and don't take it lightly, but I'm wary of reporting something second hand. Also, round here the police and social services are awful at handling domestic violence, which doesn't help the situation.

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