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DH and work

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Snaketime · 05/10/2022 10:22

My DM usually does overnight childcare for me on a Saturday night so that I can work as I finish late that night and my DH works until that time too (different job). My DM and DF have plans this weekend which means they can't have my DC 4 and 7. I talked to my boss and told them I wouldn't be able to work, they said no problem and arranged someone to cover it. This person has since tested positive for Covid and is very poorly, with no one else to cover another of my colleagues has had to cancel the holiday they had booked this weekend (hotel, travel etc) to work it.
Now I was talking to my DM today who casually asked me wether or not my DH had still got Saturday off, I asked what she meant and apparently my DH manager told him in front of my DF that he could have Saturday off. He never said anything to me about it. I asked him and he said yeah but it's a really busy day, so don't know if I would still be able to have it off or not. I told him that if they had said he could he could then just turn around and say you gave me the day off so now my DW is working and I have the kids sorry especially as seen as my colleague has had to cancel a holiday they had booked and paid for and now we might end up with both of us off. Now I am pissed off and feeling guilty and he is sulking.

AIBU to think that as seen as they offered him the day off and he knew my work was in the shit he should have taken it to help out especially as he is salaried and will get the same pay wether he works or not and does excessive amounts of hours that he doesn't get paid for, whereas I get paid by the hour. We are desperate for money and really struggling financially, we really could have used that extra 8 hours pay.

Sorry it was so long, but who is BU, me or DH.

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Weenurse · 05/10/2022 10:25

He needs the day off to look after DC so you can work

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