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Blood clot

5 replies

walnutchocolates · 03/10/2022 22:45

What blood clots are normal in periods? I have severe health anxiety sorry

OP posts:
Hesma · 03/10/2022 22:48

Yes… they are the womb lining coming away. Perfectly normal so try to relax 🙂

walnutchocolates · 03/10/2022 22:48

Thank you so much you are really kind @Hesma

OP posts:
lannistunut · 03/10/2022 22:53 The NHS refer to clots larger than a 10p as being a sign of heavy periods, but if you look at the whole page, there is no major worry about heavy periods, having them is quite common and not usually a sign of anything. Many many women pass blood clots during their periods.

purpleboy · 03/10/2022 22:53

I get them all the time, nothing to worry about

PinkButtercups · 03/10/2022 23:03

Yep normal. If they were really large I'd probably speak to a GP but little clots can be totally normal just parts of tissue, blood cells and lining of uterus.

I passed a massive blood clot after the birth of DS about the size of a plum and that was completely normal too x

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