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Business Practices Short Term Gain Versus Long Term Long of Customer?

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AchatAVendre · 30/09/2022 15:01

Given that this is probably quite trivial in the grand scheme of things.

Recently I used two fairly local businesses. One was for flooring in my house, I have used the company twice in the past so went back to them. This time they wouldn't come out to measure up as I was more than an hour away from them, so I measured myself, double checked it and ordered the flooring. I had to also agree to a £60 additional charge in travel for the fitter to come out, but as they had done a good job the last two times, as a one off thought this was ok.

Of course when the fitter gets here, he says that the floor needs preparation for the flooring. So all in, it will cost an extra £460, including 2 more £60 travel costs, floor preparation labour, floor preparation materials, and floor fitting costs for the flooring I have already paid for. Almost double the original cost. I would get out of it if I could and cancel politely, putting down laminate myself, but I've already paid over £300 for the flooring which I can't get back. Local fitters almost certainly won't fit another company's flooring. Thats £180 in travel costs for the fitter alone, for about 1 hour travel in each direction.

I also used a local beauty salon recently and was given what I thought was a free gift of a sample at the end of my treatment. I've just received a message asking me to pay £35 for this. To be fair, it was a bit larger than the average sample but still a small size. Now I've paid up politely but I won't go there again. They have lost my business. I didn't choose the item, I wasn't told how much it would cost or given the opportunity of declining it. I ignored the "friendly" Facebook message asking me to pay and just transferred the money.

AIBU to be a bit unhappy? I will pay up without complaint but I won't use either business again. I feel like I've been taken for a mug.

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