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tuesdayblues1 · 26/09/2022 10:07

DT1 had her tonsils & adenoids removed last week as well as having grommets fitted. Today (just as the Dr’s predicted) her pain has sky rocketed 😢 we’re using all the medicine they gave us (including oramorph) but all she wants to do is cuddle.

yesterday I get a message from nursery to say that it’s closed due to staff illness meaning that DT2 is now at home with us. So I have 1 3 year old who is bouncing off the walls just wanting to play and my other poor girl who just wants to cuddle and screams when I get up to try and do anything with DT2

DH is coming home from work early afternoon, we’re just sat watching endless episodes of cocomelon 🫣

we’ve had colouring, mega blocks, kinetic sand all offered but DT2 isn’t interested.

honestly I feel as though all 3 of us should just veg on the sofa all day in our PJ’s

AIBU to just say fuck it we’re watching tv all day today? I just wish we could watch some decent kids films, I’m going to try with Lion King later and the Good Dinosaur

any other recommendations for kids films that don’t make me want to scratch my eyes out?

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Sophfreddie · 26/09/2022 12:28

I really love "ferdinand" :)

mamabear715 · 26/09/2022 12:54

DEFINITELY just veg all day! Thinking of you. x

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