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To ask what Birmingham Airport checkin/security is like nowadays?

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sorrynotathome · 19/09/2022 08:50

Anyone flown early morning recently? Have the nightmare queues gone away?

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WildOats5678 · 19/09/2022 09:10

I flew back in July and had a 1000 flight. Check in/bag drop took less than 10 mins and security took about 10-15 mins. Very easy and quick the only thing that held security up was people not taking their liquids out of their bag or the electronics. I would definitely use them as an airport again

tryingtodobetter1 · 19/09/2022 09:12

I wrote a long message which disappeared so I would summarise. Check in we didn't have to queue and then for security we queued about 40 minutes. We went to the security one that's up the stairs which was a shorter queue than the other one. This was for a 10am flight in August!

sorrynotathome · 20/09/2022 07:47

Thanks both!

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yourenotmyrealdad · 20/09/2022 07:50

Traveled end of August. Bag drop 10 minutes, security was 20 minutes. We arrived 8:00 am

Psychogeography · 20/09/2022 08:13

I flew out of there two weekends ago early on a Sunday morning — security queues were extremely long. I’d arrived 2.5 hours before my flight (just because I woke up early and thought I might as well) even though I’d checked in online and had no bag, but my flight was boarding by the time I got to the gate. Having said that, DH flew out in the evening of the same day and had no such issues.

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