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Anyone live in Seascale/Gosforth

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Macbeth8 · 12/09/2022 22:06

Need to know before making the big decision to move there for Dh's new job:

Is it good for families?
Is it busy?
Would you say its multi-cultured? Basically a mixed area (our kids are mixed race)?

What are the people like?
Does it have high crime rates?

Does anyone work in Sellafield thr Nuclear site?


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Teddybonkers123 · 12/09/2022 22:38

I have family in Seascale. It's right next to Sellafield, the beach is on your doorstep, there's a rail station, a park, a small number of (poor) places to eat, a few shops, and a primary school. Gosforth is slightly further away from Sellafield and also has a primary school, a few nice places to eat, a local shop, hairdressers, park etc. If I had to choose between the two, I'd definitely choose Gosforth - it's closer to the National park and a much prettier village than Seascale, which I do find quite dismal. Both villages are fairly quiet and are good for families though.

I wouldn't say either area is multi-cultured, but I wouldn't let this put you off as people are generally very friendly. Crime rates are very low.

muddyboots · 12/09/2022 22:52

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Macbeth8 · 13/09/2022 06:42

Thanks this really helped.

So are you sayinf you dont think there would be any racism?
I grew up in an all working class English area where we experienced lots. So much that my parents never dared to even speak their native language out in public which is why I have never learnt the language.

Not saying it will be racist but an interesting one as I suppose you dont really know unless you're of colour, going to schools and living in the neighbourhood.

We are looking at the closest to Sellafield where you could perhaps walk in?

When you say "Sellafield" families do you mean the whole family works there? Or they have moved there for Sellafield?

OP posts:
Macbeth8 · 13/09/2022 07:34


OP posts:
Teddybonkers123 · 13/09/2022 18:14

Seascale would be better if you're looking to walk to Sellafield, as it's just outside the site. There is a footpath from Gosforth though, if you don't mind a longer walk. I'd perhaps have a look on Google maps and see whether you think it would be manageable. As far as I am aware, there is a free shuttle bus from Seascale to the Sellafield, but this is just for Seascale residents. Alternatively, there is a car park just outside of the site those living in Gosforth can use and then walk onto site or get a shuttle bus. It might be worth your DH speaking to his new line manager re. access arrangements.

Seascale and Gosforth are both home to many Sellafield workers and their families. Many are local, having grown up in the area, but there are also many who have moved to the area from elsewhere because they've taken a job with the company.

I'm white British, but have close family who are mixed race, who don't live in the area but have never had any issues when visiting.

My personal preference would be Gosforth. It may be a little more awkward re. site access, but it's a much much nicer village IMO.

Abobi · 05/02/2024 21:02

Hi Macbeth8, guessing you moved to the area. How are you finding it, got a job in the area, plan on starting in april, I am black and a bit worried about racism. What’s your honest opinion ?

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