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Flying when fat - help!

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FattyAirways · 10/09/2022 14:41

I'm due to fly soon and i'm overweight quite significantly. I have lost some weight but won't lose enough to feel confident on the plane by time I go. Has anyone recently flew who is overweight who can offer words of reassurance?

What has made me even more nervous is that I anticipated it might be a quiet flight (early evening) and I have just seen that two people have booked the seats next to mine despite there being a number of seats that are in the lines of three still vacant. Why oh why would anyone do that? They're not even the premium economy seats!

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Am I being unreasonable?


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FattyAirways · 30/09/2022 15:30

I forgot to say, I was also slightly worried about other passengers reactions to seeing a fatty like me in the queue for the flight, but people were absolutely lovely and chatting away. I didn't feel judged for my size at all.

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rookiemere · 30/09/2022 15:35

That's great - thanks for updating.
I was thinking of you as flew on Ryanair last weekend. I was on the last row going out and it seemed very cramped ( I'm 5ft6 and size 14 so pretty average) but on the way back the rows seemed to have more space.


Ihatecocomelon · 30/09/2022 15:49

Yay glad all was well and you had a great time xx


Hagpie · 30/09/2022 16:19

So glad for you OP!


Justrealised · 01/10/2022 07:28

Glad you had a great time OP


FattyAirways · 02/10/2022 11:00

Thank you very much everyone!

@rookiemere perhaps I was on the roomier plane? The seatbelt was an issue but the seat was fine. I expected EasyJet to be roomier than Ryanair. I'll be flying Ryanair in future!

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Molly22 · 09/10/2022 09:19

Im a size 24 n flying to spain on jet2 have booked a window seat n sitting next to my slim husband. But dreading going and thinking of not going. I know its my own fault Im this size but really worried about the plane seats.
Think I just wont go. Just needed somewhere to voice how I anxious I am


Tabbouleh · 09/10/2022 10:39

@Molly22 just go! Especially if you are window and sitting next to yr husband, but even otherwise.


Molly22 · 09/10/2022 15:26

@Tabbouleh thank you


FattyAirways · 10/10/2022 13:15

@Molly22 please don't let this spoil your holiday. Please trust me when I say you will be absolutely fine. Especially as you're sat with your dh! I'm a size 24, verging on a 26 and I honestly was fine. I loved both flights! I definitely didn't spill over the seat. In fact, i was really comfortable and had room to wiggle about when my bum was getting sore! I was within my own seat all the time. The armrest went down easily too (which I was most scared about!) and it wasn't even like it was digging in me! I did need a extender on both flights but the cabin crew are so discreet. In fact, the lovely lady sat next to me did a double take when I took mine off to hand back to the cabin crew when I was disembarking. She had no idea I had an extender on!

Like you, I was terrified before flying but had an amazing holiday and didn't worry at all about the flight home when I was there because the flight there was great.

If you like, I can send my waist, hips and thigh measurements to you so you can see you're thinner than me and will fit fine in the seat.

I have flown bigger than this and the only thing that outed me as a fatty was that I used to use my then DPs tray as mine wouldn't come all the way down. As I travelled solo this time I really missed having a nice cup of tea! I tell you what, I was really scared that people in the queue would bw eyeing me up and down too hoping they wouldn't be sat next to me. No chance of that! Evweyone was lovely and keen to talk in the queue as I was traveling alone. I was the only one who cared about my size. Have a wonderful time!

I have booked to go back in a few weeks so that's how unaffected I am by the flight!!!

OP posts:

Molly22 · 10/10/2022 13:26

Thank you very much for your reply.
Its has helped me so much, Im going to go.
Did you ask for the seat belt extenders as you got on the flights.


FattyAirways · 11/10/2022 07:14

Hi @Molly22 that's great news!

Yes I did and on the outward flight they gave me one there and then and on the homebound flight they brought one to me but were very discreet.

OP posts:

Molly22 · 18/10/2022 19:11

Hi thanks to the support I recd on this thread from Tabbouleh and FattyAirways.
I went on my holidays, we flew with Jet2 and I fit in the seat and seat belt fit with room to spare. I think Jet2 must be roomy. I am so pleased I went but wouldnt have done without this thread.
FattyAirways your posts regarding your experience of flying were so helpfull.
I hope this may also help anyone else who has the same worries


FattyAirways · 21/10/2022 13:34

Hi @Molly22 I'm so pleased that you found it all ok! That's brilliant and very well done to you for getting on that plane! Did you have a good holiday?

OP posts:

Molly22 · 21/10/2022 13:48

I did thank you.
Not long until you go away again, enjoy.


Tabbouleh · 21/10/2022 14:04

Glad it went well!


whynotwhatknot · 21/10/2022 15:16

FattyAirways · 30/09/2022 15:23

Well I'm back and I was absolutely bloody fine!!!

I was fine in my seat and certainly didn't spill over my seat. My legs were in 'my space' as was the rest of my body. I flew Ryanair outbound and the seatbelt didn't come anywhere near fastening. I read online that the seatbelts are around 30 inches and they probably are! I got along fine with a seatbelt extender though. There was room in front of me too and I was sat there feeling pleased with myself. The handrest went down easypeasy too. My seat neighbours were fab! I was sat next to an average to larger sized woman and we didn't touch, apart from when I was falling asleep and my leg accidentally fell to touch hers! It was a very comfortable journey. I could even manage to squeeze my handbag up between the seat infront and my belly. My aim for my next flight is to not need an extender.

I flew home with EasyJet. Despite the seat being an inch wider than Ryanair, it seemed like a bit more of a squeeze, and fuck, EJ's seats are uncomfortable! I was at the edge of my seat space (width-wise) on this one as I looked down at the edge of the seat and my legs, but again, managed not to invade the person sat beside me's seat, but I must admit, did breathe a sigh of relief when we touched down, just due to the sheer uncomfortableness of the seat!

So, if you are reading this and are a size 24-26 (I'm also 5'6 and 24 stone) and are worried about flying, please do not worry, you'll be absolutely fine!

im going on monday short flight but still worried about fitting in the seat although im next to family so will sit on aisle and lean out

glad your flight was ok

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