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Cashing in or what?

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wottabargain · 04/09/2022 16:32

Name change for obvious reasons!

I came across this in a relatively local paper today. Another 'win a home for £3' raffle. Ok, nothing wrong with that per se, however I'm a little bit Hmm at the article- which really focussed on the altruistic nature of the family getting rid of this house. How they want to help some poor soul get on the housing ladder blah blah. Thing is I read the terms and conditions and they won't give away the house until they've sold 300,000 tickets. So raked in £900,000. Shock

This house is worth a maximum of about £300k, on a good day with the wind behind it.

So AIBU to think fine, but don't make out you are doing this for any reason that you actually need £750k to buy a house big enough for your family.

Oh, I may still buy a ticket to get my DS to move out!! Smile

OP posts:
RedHelenB · 04/09/2022 18:21

Do you get your money back if they don't sell enough tickets?

BanditBluey · 04/09/2022 18:37

Are you running the competition? Is this a way to sell more tickets!? (Not gonna lie I just went and liked the Facebook page to be nosey, not buying a ticket though!)

wottabargain · 04/09/2022 19:35

Not running it at all, just wondering if I was being a bit cynical!

If they don't sell 300000 tickets the winner gets 75% of ticket sales. I think!

OP posts:
RedHelenB · 04/09/2022 20:30

Fair enough..

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