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Feel like too much TV today

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Mesuzie · 04/09/2022 14:05

My 2 year old and 5 year old have just played around the house all day, tV has been constantly on. We got a new kitten yesterday and was really hectic running around trying to get things sorted so feel shattered today. We have done loads in the holidays, been abroad, legoland, zoos etc. should I feel guilty?

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Am I being unreasonable?

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ChineAndWheeseParty · 04/09/2022 14:06

Nope. Do not feel guilty Flowers

VladsPants · 04/09/2022 14:06

Of course not. But if it’s dry out then I’d try and get some fresh air in before bedtime or else they might not want to go to sleep!

Mesuzie · 04/09/2022 15:41

We’ve come to feed the ducks I got cabin fever 😅

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VladsPants · 05/09/2022 09:39

Well that sounds like a lovely day tbh 🥰

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