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I have just received an invitation to a party:

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Swedes2Turnips1 · 29/11/2007 16:46

To Derek and Mavis, Please come to celebrate our engagement on 9th December
12.30pm for 1pm
"and all your children (Jimbob, johnboy, Maryellen & Elizabeth) are welcome to come too".

Love from
Couple with no children

Obviously we are pleased to be invited but are the children invited or are they not invited, not really?+

If they are invited why not
To Derek, Mavis, Jimbob etc?

Am I being unresonable in thinking this quite hilarious?

OP posts:

MamaG · 29/11/2007 16:48

they obv couldn't remember the names of your chillen

yes, i think they are invited


IsawKIMIkissingSantaClaus · 29/11/2007 16:48

Maybe they worded it that way so you have the option of taking the children or not, does seem a tad odd.


ComeOVeneer · 29/11/2007 16:49

Sorry don't quite understand you OP.


nailpolish · 29/11/2007 16:50

i think they are just amking it clear the children are invited


RubyRioja · 29/11/2007 16:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MerryAnnSinglemas · 29/11/2007 16:50

sounds perfectly ok to me - what's the problem ?


hatrick · 29/11/2007 16:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

eandh · 29/11/2007 16:51

quick hijack ruby did you get the dress for dd3 and take a trip to the shoe shop


wilbur · 29/11/2007 16:53

They have no children, they are recently engaged and are brainlessly in love. One of them wrote Derek and Mavis and forgot you had children, remembered before they put the card in the envelope and added the bring the kids quite genuinely. I wouldn't sweat it - I forget about other people's kids and even my own regularly when I am doing cards. Take the kids and enjoy the party.


Swedes2Turnips1 · 29/11/2007 16:55

ComeOveneer - Sorry. It is a bit jumbled isn't it.
This is the exact wording:

Dear Derek & Mavis
Please come to our engagment party on 9th Dec at 12.30 for 1.00 at 22 Bishop's ...... .

And all of your children (insert names of all four) are welcome to come too.

Love from

Bob & Sue

So what I am asking is are the children really invited?
If so, why didn't they write
Dear Derek Mavis & children?

I am trying to read between the lines, are they inviting the children as in if you really have to bring them you can sort of thing?

OP posts:

Swedes2Turnips1 · 29/11/2007 16:58

It is from DP's brother. I should have made that clear.

all of your children is hilarious.

OP posts:

RubyRioja · 29/11/2007 17:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MerryAnnSinglemas · 29/11/2007 17:00

or you could bring some of your children ! I think it's just a way of saying you are welcome to bring them or not, your decision


Swedes2Turnips1 · 29/11/2007 17:02

LOL - I think it means you've got too many flipping children.

OP posts:

nailpolish · 29/11/2007 17:03

oh fgs stop nitpicking

some people are snobs and dont want children at their engagement party, they are just trying to make it clear they do

i think its nice


Swedes2Turnips1 · 29/11/2007 17:05

nailpolish - thanks.

OP posts:

Lazycow · 29/11/2007 17:06

It seems that you and your dp are invited and they are leaving the decision as to whether to bring the children up to you.

Maybe they didn't know whether you might want to go without them or you might prefer to take them with you.

At my wedding I addressed invites to adults only but I said (and wrote on the invite) that children were also welcome, which they were but I wanted the parents to decide whether they wanted to bring them or not.

Also I couldn't always remember all the names of the children (so shoot me) so it seemed easier that way.

I think it is actually quite considerate.


Lazycow · 29/11/2007 17:09

And I'd forgotten, as nailpolosh said some of my friends have older and younger children and chose to bring the older ones but not the younger ones and vice versa. I thought the decision on who they brought should be up to them.


goingfor3christmaspuddings · 29/11/2007 17:10

They are saying children are welcome but if you just want sometime as a couple that's fine too!


Swedes2Turnips1 · 29/11/2007 17:10

lazycow - thanks. The thing is that I would be very happy to do either - so wish they would be clear. Just checking really that the all your children does not mean - there are really rather a lot of them and you surely won't be bring them with you.

OP posts:

Flier · 29/11/2007 17:10

I agree that the wording is a bit funny "and all your children", they maybe didn't think about what to write before they started writing iykwim. The sentiment is clear, though, if you want to bring your children they are welcome. all of them. all four.


SantaBeClausImWorthIt · 29/11/2007 17:11

Given that it's a lunchtime do I think they're just trying to make it really clear that your children are invited.


Swedes2Turnips1 · 29/11/2007 17:14

Flier - Thank goodness someone else thinks the wording is funny.

OP posts:

newgirl · 29/11/2007 18:48

isnt the invite saying

we want you to come

bloody hell better invite the kids too

oh well they are getting married they will be in the same boat soon enough!


Twiglett · 29/11/2007 18:51


some grown-ups like to party away from their children

they are telling you if you want to come without your children that's fine but if you want to bring the children that would be lovely too

I think you're being kind of churlish

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