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to be p****d off with my horrid neighbour for just overflowing my bin and making my drive full of her crap???

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glaskham · 27/11/2007 09:56

long list of things she has done wrong in the past.....i have been on here before and was told to complain to her landlord but she is such a cow she's somehow got him wrapped round her finger!!

anyway i have just sat here and watched her put 3 bin bags full of rubbish in the top of my already full bin, and the last one either has a hole in it or isn't tied up and now its dropping her crap and rubbish all in my drive!!!

i'm scared stiff of my neighbour so dont want to confront her, and hubby wont either when he gets home as he's the same....and her boyfriend is scaryier than her!!

what can i do? can i complain to the council? should i try her landlord again? or do i just ignore it and clean my own drive??

i'm nearly in tears about having to clean her rubbish up, and feeling very sick about it.....and i can tell from looking at my bin that when the binmen come to collect it in the next half an hour it will spill more on my drive.....

advise please???

OP posts:

goingfriggincrazy · 27/11/2007 10:43

We had similar problems with our neighbour,ours left her rotting rubbish out in her back garden for at least 5 months throughout the summer months too.
It was repulsive,I lost the plot when we found out we had rats in our previously rat free garden.I called the council and they sent out a guy to check her garden and rubbish-she was sent out a letter and told to clear it by a certain time otherwise the council would clear it up and she would face huge worked(also go pest control out too.I had no contact with her.

Give them a ring and ask for advice.


Beelliesebub · 27/11/2007 10:48

Unless you want to confront her there's not really a lot you can do....... Me personally would've banged on the window when she was dumping them in my bin....... cheeky bloody cow!
What you could do is take the bags out keep them and then dump them on the road tomorrow, then call the council and report her for flytipping for which she'll get a hefty fine. It has to be tomorrow though because she can argue today that it's bin day!


Dumplings · 27/11/2007 10:50

report to the council that someone has flytipped on top of your well managed bin. Insist then go through the bin and find out who is doing it, and stop them.

YOur neighbour won't know that you know it is her.


AnAngelWithin · 27/11/2007 10:54

go and take the rubbish out of your bin and put it on her front doorstep. nothing is said then but might get the point across.


Kathyis6incheshigh · 27/11/2007 10:57

What Dumplings said.


VictorianSqualor · 27/11/2007 10:59

Take the bags out now, and dump them either on the road or her doorstep, either way, I assume the council only take bags that are in a bin? hence the way she has put them in yours.

If they are anything like my council they would be left on the road with a sticker on saying they weren't taken because they weren't in a bin.

Then if she doesn't take them back in, you can call the council.


glaskham · 27/11/2007 11:27

well i phoned my hubby and asked what he thought i should do....he said to go round the house, get any bit of rubbish i could find, put it in our bin and dump her bags next to her i managed to fill a bag full....and put her bags next to her overflowing bin, which normally wont be taken by the bin men......then if she says anything about it i will just say my bin was already full- i'd seen her putting some of her bags in it without prior permission from me, and i had more rubbish i wanted to bin so didn't see why she should be using my bin when i needed it..... and i have purposly put the bags in so my lid is ever so slightly if she see's it then i can prove i did fill it!!

i think the worst thing is i watched her do it and when she was walking away she was laughing to her boyfriend as things of hers were falling out of my bin!!! she didn't know i was watching as the curtains were still closed....

well i'm still angry at what she has done, but hope that she'll ask next time and we can just forget about today!!

OP posts:

cazboldy · 27/11/2007 11:30

Where my mum lives your bin lid has to be closed or they won't take it. They leave any extra aswell.
I don't have any neighbours, but think I would get her crap out and dump it on her doorstep!


moonmother · 27/11/2007 11:38

I've had this problem recently,in September we changed to fortnightly collections.We live in a terrace house and our bins have to sit in our front garden as we have to trawl said bins through 2 neighbours gardens if we want them out the back.

A few weeks after the new collections started I went out to put some bits in our recyling bin and found somebody had filled it with their rubbish.Was rather angry as we flatten all boxes etc and they'd just stuffed they're stuff in but Imanaged to squish my stuff in and thought no more about it.

A couple of weeks ago we removed a large amount of ivy from the front wall of our house,I started chopping it to put into the green bin(garden waste) and found 3 full black bags had been dumped in the bin.Dp and I investigated (wasnt pleasant)and found a printed receipt for some shoes bought online.
Wrote a nice polite letter to said neighbours before dumping the bags on they're doorstep,did'nt hear anything from them and we didn't put our house number on the letter so they must have been doing this to quite a few neighbours..

I did ring local council and explain the situation,and asked if we were allowed to put locks on the bins,council said they were fine with it as long as the bins were unlocked for collection days.

We've drilled some holes in the lids and through the sides big enough for a chain to fit through and added a padlock,its a bit of a pain when you want to put stuff in but saves people fly-tipping in your bins....might be worth trying


BritTex · 27/11/2007 11:42

moonmother, what is this country coming to when you have chain up your bin


moonmother · 27/11/2007 11:52

exactly....rather glad to do it tho,went to put bin out the other week and someone had thrown a used condom in there

Don't think its a huge problem in lots of places ,we're just fair game as our bins are in our front garden.


QuintessentialShadowOfYuleTide · 27/11/2007 12:09

Do you live on the other side of my nightmare neighbour?

I have had the same issue as you for years. I share front garden with my neighbour, the path divides our properties. She is a council tenant, I am not. Is your neighbour a council tenant? Or a private renter?

This is what I have learnt.

It is your legal obligation to keep your property neat and tidy. It does not matter whose rubbish is on your property, you are obliged to clean it. IT could be the wind blowing rubbish in, it could be a fax carrying a corn of cobs in, or the neighour. The neighbour is carrying out her responsibility to keep her property tidy, that she does it on your land is another matter.

You cannot just say "my neighbour filled my bin" unless you have photographic evidence, anything else would be your word against her word. Next time, take a photograph and write down the time.

You cannot call the council and tell them somebody flytipped on your bin. It is not flytipping. Flytipping is leaving rubbish on public land. Your land is your land and rubbish on your land is your rubbish and your problem.

You can try the following:

Keep a log of when she dumps rubbish on your bins and take a photograph if you see her do it.
Call Council Environmental Services and talk to them. If she is a council tenant they wont come out, as one department of the council can not act against another. If she is a council tenant you can call her Area Manager and raise your concerns, maybe they can supply her with an additional bin or suggest to her that she gets herself another bin. Or call her landlord and explain the problem, and maybe he can provide her with another bin?

I hope you get it sorted.


colditz · 27/11/2007 12:30

My council say that dumping rubbish in someone else's bin is flytipping. I have this problem too! So now, I always make sure all my rubbish is out in my bin - any extra from the lovely neighbours is taken off by the bin people, then I ring and report a rubbish bag in the middle of the street.

Not my problem, the onus is on them to find out who is doing it by looking in the bag, but they don't, they just come and get it.

Qn one occasion I found the binpeople had dumped it back in my bin, but there's not a lot you can do about that, really.


nametaken · 27/11/2007 13:34

just a thought but next time why don't you secretly film her doing it?


Beelliesebub · 27/11/2007 13:57

My dh works for the council (he is one of those poor buggers who has to take photographic evidence of flytipping, etc.) and they take flytipping really seriously. As I said earlier if you report it on binday the neighbour can argue that it is binday and not a lot can be done but any other day of the week and there's no contest. Fly-tipping fines are up to £20,000 and/or 6 months' imprisonment. Fines are unlimited if the case goes to the Crown Court or up to 2 years' imprisonment, and up to 5 years if hazardous waste is dumped.
All it takes is one piece of evidence, a letter or receipt that can be traced back and she's had it.....
Access your local council website and see if you have an environment dept. Contact them and insist that you saw her dump it but you have no proof, can they come and check the bags..... She'll likely get a rap on the knuckles the first time but I reckon it'll dissuade her from doing it ever again........

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