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Aibu, compulsory school trip costing £100

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kitkat463 · 19/05/2021 00:04

Aibu, my son's school ( secondary) are having an activity week at a local activity centre during the normal school week. They've said they are hoping for 100 percent uptake and don't have the option for kids to just go to school as normal. It will cost £100 per child, but they have said if anyone can't afford it they should ask for help. I can afford it, but my son doesnt want to go, it isn't his cup of tea. Aibu to be annoyed and resent paying £100 for something neither my son or I want him to do. I dont want him just to stay home for a week so I'll probably send him But Aibu to be annoyed? ! No, you are not unreasonable this is not acceptable for schools to do this, yes... Yabu it's a fun activity week and the school just want to give the teens a fun week after a rubbish year.

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Malteser71 · 19/05/2021 00:07

You’re lucky - our school isn’t offering anything like this.

But it ought to be optional


NoSquirrels · 19/05/2021 00:09

But you don’t have to send him and you don’t have to pay £100.

They’re “hoping” for 100% take up. But they can’t enforce it.

If you think your DS won’t enjoy it that’s different but honestly - the kids who “don’t fancy it” are usually the ones most in need of it. Sounds like he’s young secondary and it’s a bonding exercise.

Pay it or don’t pay it but no one’s actually forcing you, just strongly encouraging you.


GreyhoundG1rl · 19/05/2021 00:11

You're not being forced to pay. Why isn't it your child's "cup of tea"? Sounds like it would do him the world of good.


VimFuego101 · 19/05/2021 00:12

I didn't think they were allowed to insist on payment for trips which take place in normal school hours? It always has to be voluntary. This link seems to agree with me:


Lou98 · 19/05/2021 00:13

Sorry but I do think YABU - it isn't compulsory as you don't have to pay it, the option is there not to take part.

They've also included the children who's parents can't afford it by offering help.
I thought that the thread was going to be they were trying to enforce it but weren't offering help for those that couldn't afford it - which would be a different matter.

It sounds like a nice thing to do after a pretty rubbish year to be honest


NoSquirrels · 19/05/2021 00:13

You start the same thread earlier, I’ve just noticed. Best to report this one - you got a load of replies on the previous thread.


goshthatsawful · 19/05/2021 02:06

A whole week for £100? Bargain. I always hated the idea of stuff like this as a kid/ teen but never regretted taking part in the end


timeisnotaline · 19/05/2021 02:19

You have to do lots of things you don’t want to do in life, is there a good reason for him not to want it? E.g.My kids don’t like art galleries but I do so they have to come sometimes!


SakuraEdenSwan1 · 19/05/2021 02:21

You have already posted this earlier on today.

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